10 Best employee monitoring software in 2024

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The concept of employee monitoring has transitioned from a supplementary management tactic to a central strategy for bolstering productivity and safeguarding sensitive data.

With a burgeoning market projected to reach a valuation of $2.10 billion by 2030, choosing the best employee monitoring software becomes paramount for businesses aiming to strike the delicate balance between efficiency and privacy.

Join us as we unveil the tools that not only capture the essence of effective surveillance but also foster a culture of mutual respect and high performance.

Employee Monitoring Trends: Anticipating the Landscape of 2024

As we approach 2024, the trends suggest an uptick in the utilization of employee monitoring programs, a testament to the evolving dynamics of the modern workspace.

The Continuing Ascent of Monitoring Tools

The previous years have seen a significant surge in the adoption of employee monitoring software, with companies investing in these tools to bolster productivity and safeguard sensitive data. This upward trajectory is anticipated to persist, aligning with the need to navigate the complexities of remote work, hybrid offices, and geographically dispersed teams.

Budgets and Productivity: A Symbiotic Relationship

Investment in the best employee monitoring software is not just a trend; it’s becoming an integral part of operational budgets. Companies are recognizing that the best monitoring solution is not a cost but a value-add that drives work productivity through comprehensive tracking activity insights.

The AI Revolution in Employee Monitoring

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to redefine employee monitoring. By integrating AI, businesses can achieve a more nuanced analysis of employee behavior and productivity, transcending traditional tracking methods. AI’s predictive capabilities will also enhance the assessment of potential security risks.

Top 10 Popular Employee Monitoring Apps

1. CleverControl

CleverControl stands out as one of the best employee monitoring software choices in 2024, delivering comprehensive monitoring tools for businesses looking to boost work productivity. This employee monitoring program offers an array of features that cater to various monitoring needs:


● Real-time monitoring with a remote online dashboard.

● Website and app usage tracking for analyzing time spent.

● Stealth mode for unobtrusive surveillance.

● Keystroke monitoring for insight into data entry practices.

● Website access control to eliminate distractions.

● Advanced functionalities include sound recording, video recording, call recording, and face recognition.


● Provides full-scope monitoring capabilities to cover all aspects of employee activity.

● Stealth mode allows for discrete tracking activity, which helps maintain a stress-free work environment.

Offers cloud and on-premise solutions

● Flexible pricing structures offer solutions for businesses of various sizes and monitoring requirements.


● Utilizing advanced features like face recognition and sound recording may require an upgraded subscription.


CleverControl’s subscription costs are competitive, with plans ranging from $11 per month for a three-month commitment to $6.60 per month for six months, and down to $4.70 per month for an annual plan.

2. Spyrix Employee Monitoring

Spyrix Employee Monitoring offers a cloud-based solution for businesses seeking robust employee monitoring programs. It’s designed to keep tabs on employees’ computer activities through a comprehensive time control system and productivity evaluation tools.


● Real-time monitoring capabilities via screen streaming and recording.

● Keylogging to track user inputs.

● A suite of tracking activity tools for comprehensive surveillance.


● Operates in hidden mode for unobtrusive monitoring.

● Offers a range of useful features, with screen recording being highlighted.

● Quick installation process.

● Recognized for providing good value for money.

● Responsive customer support team.


● If your monitoring needs fall between available package tiers, such as needing to cover 18 computers, you must choose the closest tier (15 or 20 computers).

● Screen recording is considered an extra feature, incurring additional charges.


Starts from $149.00 per year.

3. SentryPC

SentryPC is an exceptional choice for employee monitoring, offering extensive control and surveillance features. This employee monitoring software facilitates discreet supervision by allowing the tracking of user activity, complete with screenshot capabilities to confirm work progress.

SentryPC provides comprehensive coverage for diverse IT ecosystems. Geofencing and real-time user activity monitoring are notable features, alongside robust time scheduling and administrative tools for keyword and phrase banning, all centralized through a user-friendly dashboard.


● Feature-rich, catering to various monitoring needs

● Cost-effective, offering affordability at the enterprise level

● User-friendly interface, simplifying the monitoring process


● The setup and installation process can be quite intricate

● Occasional software crashes may interrupt the monitoring

● Customer support could be enhanced


SentryPC’s pricing structure is tiered to accommodate a range of business sizes, from single-device management to enterprise-level needs, with plans starting at $69.95 annually.

4. Teramind

Teramind stands out as a versatile employee monitoring program, especially suited for SMBs. It extends beyond simple screenshots to provide live and recorded screen activity tracking, email surveillance, and individual keystroke recording.

The stealth mode enhances its appeal, offering a covert monitoring tool. With a robust optical character recognition engine and metrics to gauge employee productivity levels, Teramind is also prepared for remote endpoint monitoring and includes an array of integrations with popular project management tools.


● Offers a comprehensive free trial for all plans

● Intuitive user interface and dashboard facilitate easy navigation

● Advanced monitoring features, including a keystroke logger and online meeting monitoring


● Requires a minimum commitment of five seats, which may not be ideal for very small businesses

● Infrequent disconnections can pose minor setbacks

● No Linux support, potentially limiting for some IT environments


Teramind’s pricing options are flexible, with monthly or annual payment plans starting at $10 per seat per month, accommodating various business sizes and needs.

5. ActivTrak

ActivTrak provides robust monitoring solutions, including timesheet tracking which is particularly beneficial for remote workforce management. This employee monitoring software offers insights into employee activities, enabling businesses to identify top performers and gain detailed productivity analytics.

The platform comes with an expansive dashboard for real-time reporting and alerts, designed to keep employers informed about their teams’ engagement levels and task completion.


● User-friendly platform, ensuring quick adaptation for new users

● A comprehensive dashboard offering at-a-glance insights

● Free plan available for up to three users, making it an accessible option for small teams


● No option for monthly payments; all plans require annual billing

● App integrations incur additional fees, potentially increasing costs

● The absence of a keystroke logging feature, which may be a drawback for detailed activity tracking


ActivTrak’s pricing model includes a free plan and several paid plans, requiring a minimum of five users, starting at $10 per user per month (billed annually), making it a scalable solution for growing companies.

6. Hubstaff

Hubstaff distinguishes itself with robust tracking activity capabilities, such as web tracking, app monitoring, and idle prompts, all central to its dashboard. This employee monitoring software enhances productivity by providing time management tools and scheduling features, and its integration with over 30 apps like Trello and Asana simplifies workflow.


● Availability of a free plan suitable for solo users

● User-friendly interface enhances work productivity

● Gamification elements with achievement badges


● Some users report that customer support could be more responsive

● Reporting features may lack depth for some users


Hubstaff’s pricing models are varied, offering a free plan for individual users, with paid plans starting at $5.83 per user per month for their Time Starter plan, and different tiers for Desk and Field plans, reaching up to enterprise-level pricing available upon request.

7. iMonitorSoft

As an employee monitoring program, iMonitorSoft’s strengths lie in its extensive online activity monitoring, which includes tracking URLs, emails, instant messages, and file transfers. It can display up to 30 remote desktops simultaneously, offering real-time alerts for a wide range of activities and a centralized management console for ease of administration.


● Extensive monitoring features ensure comprehensive oversight

● Can accommodate a large user base, suggesting scalability

● Compatibility across different platforms including Windows and macOS


● The pricing model may be complicated for some businesses

● Installation could conflict with existing antivirus programs

● The user interface may have a steeper learning curve


The software’s pricing is divided into three tiers, with the EAM Professional at $79.95 per device, the EAM Standard at $59.95 per device, and the EAM Lite at $49.95 per device, each with minimum device requirements.

8. InterGuard

InterGuard is an employee monitoring program tailored for both productivity tracking and compliance with regulations like HIPAA. It offers color-coded email alerts for task management, alongside features such as insider threat detection, data loss prevention, and incident response, all accessible from its customizable dashboard.


● Rich set of features that go beyond standard monitoring

● Compatibility with multiple operating systems and devices

● Customizable alerts and dashboard provide tailored monitoring experiences


● The platform can be complex, posing a steep learning curve

● Some feedback indicates that customer support could be more comprehensive


InterGuard’s pricing is user-dependent, costing $25 per user per month for monthly billing or $179 per user per year, with both plans requiring at least five users.

9. Veriato

Veriato stands as one of the best employee monitoring software choices for its in-depth productivity evaluation capabilities. This powerful tool tracks both idle and active time, allowing for extensive oversight through custom dashboards and alerts that cater to both real-time monitoring and post-event investigations. The ability to monitor web and application usage across devices makes Veriato a comprehensive solution for monitoring work productivity.


● Ability to record screens and take screenshots for detailed tracking activity

● Real-time alerts bolster immediate response capabilities

● Advanced AI and machine learning to identify trends and patterns

● A simple setup process streamlines the integration into daily operations


● Some users report that customer service could be enhanced

● May present a steep learning curve for some users due to its wide range of functionalities


Veriato’s pricing has two main options: Vision, priced at $25 per user per month or $179 per user per year, and Cerebral, for which pricing is provided upon request.

10. Actual Keylogger

Actual Keylogger is recognized for its robust capabilities in remote computer monitoring, establishing itself as the best solution for monitoring employee activities. This program records keystrokes, clipboard events, and internet connections, as well as system startup and shutdown times. Reports generated are both textual and HTML, facilitating ease of analysis for administrators monitoring employee productivity.


● Offers flexible settings and configurations for personalized monitoring

● Supports all recent Windows versions, ensuring compatibility

● Stealth mode keeps the tool invisible, ensuring non-intrusive monitoring

● Free trial available to evaluate the software before purchase

● Not visible in the apps list, enhancing its stealth operation


● The software is a paid service, which may be a barrier for some businesses

● While feature-rich, the software may come at a premium price point


For Windows, the cost starts at $69 for 1 PC, providing a scalable option for businesses looking for the best employee monitoring program that can cater to their specific needs.


In an era where data security and productivity are paramount, the 10 best employee monitoring software of 2024 provide powerful solutions for businesses to thrive. These tools are designed to enhance work productivity while respecting privacy, offering a range of features from AI-enhanced tracking to stealth monitoring.

These software options stand out for their ability to maintain the delicate balance between oversight and autonomy. They are not merely tools for surveillance but catalysts for a harmonious and efficient workplace.



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