11 Best Facebook Messenger Spy Apps 2022

Why do you need a Facebook Messenger tracking app?

Facebook keeps its position as the top most popular social network. Millions of people share their thoughts or pieces of their lives through photos and videos and communicate via communities, personal chats and video calling. The endless flow of entertainment, talks and new friends makes Facebook a very addictive place that can consume a few hours of your day. It is only essential for managers to ensure that employees do not spend their business hours scrolling through the newsletter endlessly or chatting with friends. Monitoring may be relatively easy to perform in the office, where you can check in on any employee anytime. Over two years of Covid-19, the remote work model has grown from a safety measure to the new norm, though. Remote workers are more likely to cheat in the comfort of their homes and are not so easy to monitor. Therefore managers have to find new ways to ensure the staff stays productive.

Another reason to monitor Facebook and Facebook Messenger usage, in particular, is the anonymity of the Internet. You never know who is on the other side of the screen. This issue may be especially concerning for parents who want to protect their children from the dangers of the net. Unfortunately, grooming, identity thefts, stalking and cyberbullying are more than real threats nowadays, and their severity grows day by day.

These are only two of the many reasons to control Facebook Messenger activity. But how to do it efficiently and respectively? You can hardly expect the employee to tell you honestly that they have spent the workday gossiping on messengers instead of finishing that hotlist project. Frankness is even less likely if we talk about teenagers full of rebellious spirit and desire to get out of their parents’ control.

Here is when monitoring apps come to light. They allow monitoring someone’s activity on Facebook Messenger unintrusively — yet you will know each step the person takes in the virtual world. If you use such apps with respect to the law, they will become your utmost helpers in parental and employee monitoring.

Is it legal to spy on Facebook Messenger?

It is legal to monitor someone’s usage of Facebook Messenger — however, there are a few BUTS. First of all, I strongly recommend learning your local and federal laws regarding monitoring computers and mobile devices. Although there may be regional differences, laws in most countries concur on a few key points. You can install any monitoring apps on your devices or ones you have the owner’s permission to control. For example, if you buy a smartphone for your child or provide a work computer for your employee, it is okay for you to install a Facebook spy app on it. Yet, you are obliged to inform the user of the device that you will monitor them. What if you are a woman who suspects your partner is cheating and wonders: “How can I spy on my husband’s Facebook messenger”? Installing a spy app secretly on his phone may not be the best idea. The same applies to men who want to spy on their girlfriends’ Facebook messages without letting them know. Any secret spying on a person is an intrusion in their private life and will be considered a violation of the law in most countries.

The same rule works for employees tracking productivity in their teams. You must inform employees about any spy apps on their work devices and receive their consent for monitoring. Laws in some countries require that the consent is in written form. If you are unsure how to draw up such an agreement in your company, consulting a lawyer is always a good idea.

To sum it up, you can install Facebook chat spy apps only on your own devices and must inform users about the monitoring regardless of your monitoring purpose.

When all legal matters are sorted, it is time to choose the app that will suit your purpose. Here is the list of the best Facebook Messenger spy apps in 2022.

The Best Facebook Messenger Spy Tools

EvaSpy is the best monitoring tool available in terms of the feature range and the price. It goes above and beyond simply spying on Facebook messages and offers a comprehensive monitoring solution for Android. The app tracks the most popular messaging and social apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram and Hangouts. Besides, EvaSpy records incoming and outgoing calls and provides you with additional data such as call duration, time and caller information. Other monitoring features include website and app blocking, search queries recording, keylogging, contact list and access to the media files on the device (photos, videos and audio).

One more advantage of the EvaSpy is its user-friendly interface and easy installation. You do not need to root the device or have any special knowledge to get the app up and running. Once the app is installed, you will start receiving activity reports on your online dashboard, meaning you can track your target device from anywhere.

You may think that such a top-notch app costs a lot — but, in fact, EvaSpy comes at quite an affordable price. The price starts from $7.16 per month for a basic plan (when buying a yearly subscription). If you want the maximum functionality, the app will cost you $9.12 per month for a year plan which is still quite affordable. Besides, if you buy EvaSpy for Android + EvaSpy for Windows bundle, you can save up to seventy per cent on the cost of the Windows app.

The combination of an affordable price and wide spectre of features makes EvaSpy a highly recommended app for any monitoring purpose.


  • more than 50 monitoring features
  • spying on live surroundings
  • online dashboard with all monitoring data
  • call logs
  • no root required
  • affordable pricing


  • compatible only with Android devices
mSpy Facebook Messenger Spy App

mSpy proudly calls itself the no.1 app for parental monitoring. You will find it hard to disagree with this statement if you look at the functionality of the app. mSpy offers 36 monitoring features, including Facebook spy, to cover all your needs. You will be able to read all incoming and outgoing messages and media files sent over Facebook. Thanks to that, you will know whom your child talks to and what they chat about. Thus, you can take immediate actions at any risk of danger.

In addition to Facebook monitoring, mSpy can track more than ten other popular messaging and dating apps, including WhatsApp, Snapchat and Tinder. Besides, the app is fully packed with top-notch monitoring features such as overseeing calls, SMS, tracking location, blocking applications, recording the screen and more.

mSpy is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


  • free trial
  • Facebook chats and media tracking
  • available for Android and iOS
  • remote control vial the online dashboard


  • jailbreak required for Facebook tracking
  • requires registration
XNSpy Facebook Monitoring

Tracking Facebook Messenger online is not a problem with XNSpy. You can read all Facebook chats on your online console. More than that, you can view all media files that the user saves to their device from Facebook and check the time, date and sender info. All collected data can be conveniently exported to an off-server location.

Though XNSpy’s set of features is not as rich as the one of EvaSpy and mSpy, the app still offers a great comprehensive monitoring solution for mobile devices. XNSpy allows you to know the user’s location, record their calls, receive alerts on specific unwanted keywords, and track their emails and appointments. One of the best parts of the app is that it keeps monitoring the device even if there is no Internet connection. However, if you want to track the device in live mode, you need an Internet connection.

XNSpy is pretty easy to install and operate. You should get access to the target device only once to install the app. After that, you will receive all monitoring data on your online account.

Another advantage of the app is its compatibility — the app is compatible with iOS and all Android devices, including older versions.


  • compatibility with Android and iOS
  • does not require constant access to the monitored device
  • tracks text messages, media files and contacts
  • allows remote control of the device


  • requires jailbreak

Have you ever wondered how to hack Facebook Messenger conversations? Hoverwatch is your answer. It captures both incoming and outgoing messages on Facebook. If the user sends an audio or video file, the app will also save it. I find it particularly convenient that messages are saved in a chat form as the user sees them. No more trying to make sense of bitty pieces of text — just read the chat history in neat chronological order.

Hoverwatch offers some other helpful features: call recording, SMS tracking, Snapchat and Viber spying, screenshots, detecting SIM card changes and more. The app works in stealth mode, so it will be rather difficult for the user to notice the monitoring.

Hoverwatch is compatible with Android devices. It also offers solutions for macOS and Windows.


  • compatible with Android, Windows and iOS
  • remote monitoring
  • saves Facebook messages as chat


  • incompatible with iOS
  • requires rooting
  • rare updates of the app
Mobile Tracker Facebook Monitoring Tool

Mobile Tracker Free allows you to see all messages sent and received via Facebook. In addition to the text, the report contains the date, time and information about the recipient/sender. Unlike many apps on this list, Mobile Tracker free does not require rooting to spy on Facebook Messenger. However, the developers still recommend rooting the device to facilitate the smooth tracking of all messages.

Apart from Facebook tracking, the app has a pretty standard set of features: SMS and call recording, GPS position history, popular messengers monitoring, live viewing of the screen, scheduling restrictions and more. Using this app, you can monitor and remotely control the device via SMS. All you need to do is to send an SMS with a password and a special command to the number of the device. Possible commands are ringing the phone, enabling WiFi, getting GPS coordinates or blocking the phone (the latter works on old versions of Android only). The commands feature will be handy when the target device has no Internet connection, so you cannot control it in the usual way.

The best part about Mobile Tracker Free is that it is free, as the name suggests. All features of the app (with some limitations) are available chargeless. To lift these restrictions, you can buy a subscription. The price starts from only 6€ per month.

Not to upset iPhone users, but Mobile Tracker Free is compatible with Android OS only.


  • free of cost
  • does not require jailbreak
  • spies on Facebook messages and media


  • available for Android OS only
  • hard to install and configure

Spymaster PRO provides monitoring tools for Android and iOS. Although the features of both versions are nearly the same, their setup and operation are fundamentally different. The Android spy works similar to any other application of this kind. After installing the app on the target device, you will begin receiving the collected data to an online account/by email/etc. As for the iOS version, you do not even need to install the app. It is enough to provide the Apple ID credentials, and the support team will set up the monitoring for you. It is both an advantage — you do not need to do anything special to start monitoring — and a disadvantage if you are worried about personal data safety.

Spymaster Pro allows you to read all Facebook chats even if you do not know the user’s Facebook credentials. Each message will have a time and date stamp. The app can also monitor other popular social media apps such as Instagram, Viber, Whatsapp, Hangouts and Snapchat. Moreover, phone calls, SMS, browsing history, location and the contacts list will also be under your control with SpyMaster Pro.

All in all, Spymaster Pro’s set of features is not so large as those of the above-mentioned apps. However, if you are looking for a simple tracking solution without bells and whistles, the app is perfect for your needs.


  • no jailbreak is required to monitor Facebook
  • you don’t need to install anything on iPhone
  • compatible with Android/iOS


  • no free trial
  • price
  • personal data security issue

If “How can I spy on Facebook messenger for free?” is your most frequent search query, look no further. Snoopza is an easy and effective way to monitor someone’s Facebook activity. The app is easy to use: all you need to do is create a free account and install the app. Once you do these, you will start receiving all monitoring data, including messages, audio and video files exchanged via Facebook. Reports also include information about phone calls, SMS, social media activity, screenshots, Internet history and more. Snoopza also tracks to-do lists and contacts and can detect if the user replaces the SIM card.

Limited functionality of the app is available for free. If you want to have a closer look at the person’s activity on their device, you will have to pay $14.95 per device per month.


  • a free version
  • quick setup and configuration
  • spying on Facebook, Snapchat and Whatsapp.


  • advanced features are paid
  • compatible with Android OS only
iKeyMonitor Online Dashboard

iKeyMonitor is one of the best Facebook spy tools when it comes to monitoring iOS and Android devices. The app tracks text and voice messages, logs keystrokes and captures screenshots on Facebook. But iKeyMonitor is much more than just a Facebook spy. Using the app, you can read SMS messages, listen to call recordings, view call and website history, GPS location and conversations on WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber and other popular messengers and much more.

Like many of the above-mentioned apps, iKeyMonitor works discreetly and has protection against unauthorized access. You can set up a password and a customizable access code to open the program. If the device is rooted, you can convert iKeyMonitor to a system app, making deleting it very difficult.

The app offers several delivery methods for you to choose from. You can receive logs to your online account like with most monitoring apps. Additionally, iKeyMonitor sends logs by email or uploads them to FTP. Those who feel reluctant about keeping personal data on a remote server will find these alternative delivery methods quite handy.

The app is available for both Android and iOS.


  • free version available
  • quick installation
  • various log delivery methods


  • limited functionality of the free version
  • the full version is quite expensive
Spyic Facebook Tracking App

No more wondering how to monitor Facebook messenger remotely and silently. Spyic will do it for you. It will capture all text messages, shared media and the history of activity. You can access private and group chats and see profiles of people to whom your child talks. The data shows in the form of a chat much like in Facebook messenger itself, so it is very convenient to view and read. But spying on Facebook messenger is not the only purpose of Spyic. The app offers a pretty standard monitoring package that includes tracking calls, the contacts list, visited websites, locations and popular social media, for example, Snapchat.


  • compatibility with iPhones and Android devices
  • remote control of the device
  • a wide choice of extra features
  • a free demo version


  • the app requires iCloud credentials to monitor an iPhone
TheTruthSpy Facebook Monitoring Solution

TheTruthSpy is a free spy app that comes with more than 15 features to monitor activity on the phone. As for Facebook monitoring, the app records the chat history with time and date stamps and the information about the person to whom your child texts. Thus you can find and review their profile and ensure they do not have any malicious intentions.

Files that your child shares via social media may be a valuable source of information about their interests and thoughts for you. With TheTruthSpy, you will be able to track these files as well.

Other features of the app, such as GPS monitoring, installed apps control, keystroke logging, remote monitoring via an online account, etc. make parental monitoring a much easier task.


  • large functionality
  • total monitoring of Facebook messenger
  • compatible with Android and iOS devices


  • the price is rather high

If you want to spy on Facebook chats on Android, SpyHuman is your choice. This Facebook tracking solution offers a free 7-day period during which you can test all its functionality: capturing incoming and outgoing messages, media files sent over Facebook and info about the person who communicates with your child. This feature will allow you to monitor if your kid receives any inappropriate images or videos and take measures if you find that they do. You can even block Facebook completely remotely from your online account.

Like the above-mentioned apps, SpyHuman offers plenty of other monitoring features: GPS monitoring, spying on surroundings live, file monitoring, web history tracking and more.


  • a free 7-day trial
  • all-in-one monitoring solution for Android
  • remote control via the online dashboard


  • not compatible with iOS

To Sum Up

Whether you are a parent of a teenager or a manager in a huge corporation, you will find Facebook spy helpful. With so many apps available on the market, it may be tricky to choose the best one. If you are unsure which app to choose, you can try a few ones that offer a trial period. Thus you can test the app for free and see if it suits your needs. Share your experience in the comments section below.



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