15 Best Computer Monitoring Software for Windows/MAC 2021

Best User Activity Monitoring Software for Windows/Mac

#1 Spyrix

#2 Teramind User Activity Monitoring

#3 ActivTrak

Best Network Performance Programs

#4 Dynatrace

#5 SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

#6 PRTG Network Monitor

Best CPU Temperature Monitoring Programs for Windows/Mac

#7 Open Hardware Monitor

#8 Core Temp

Best Software Installation Monitoring Apps

#10 Mirekusoft Install Monitor

#11 Comodo

Best USB Control Programs for Windows/Mac

#12 EventLog Analyzer

#13 AT&T Cybersecurity USB Monitoring

Best Data Leakage Prevention Software

#14 Endpoint Protector

#15 Open Raven



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Janet Paterson

Professional copywriter. Interested in tech, coding, HR management.