15 Best Computer Monitoring Software for Windows/MAC 2021

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Everybody knows how important computer monitoring may be. Depending on your monitoring needs, special computer tracking programs can help you keep an eye on any kind of user activity, network performance, the usage of removable drives, and installed applications. Further, monitoring programs let you control CPU temperature and prolong the performance of your machines. Employee monitoring is another sphere where tracking software is widespread. It is essential to prevent corporate data leakage and monitor employees’ productivity. Whatever your tracking needs are, you’ll find a solution that will suit you on this list.

Best User Activity Monitoring Software for Windows/Mac

#1 Spyrix

When it comes to tracking computer user activities, Spyrix is the best program by far. It’s compatible with both macOS and Windows and offers an abundance of features giving you a vivid picture of what the user is doing while you are not present. The program is suitable for parental control and employee monitoring. The main features include recording of visited websites and running programs, keystroke monitoring, clipboard control, tracking of social apps (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc), and IMs (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more). Besides, the program allows you to monitor the productivity of the end-user and shows you their stats in convenient graphs. It controls not only user activity but also live surroundings via webcam and mic.

Also there is a Spyrix app in the App Store. You can use Spyrix Activity Monitoring with the same features as described above.

#2 Teramind User Activity Monitoring

Teramind UAM takes second place on our list. The program is initially designed for employee monitoring but can be also used for personal needs. It records visited web pages, keystrokes, emails, used applications, social media, messengers, search queries, printer activities, and takes periodic screenshots. It is also capable of detecting malicious activity thanks to an intelligent behavior analytics system. The app records all logs and sends them to your secure online account allowing you to monitor user activities remotely from any device. It’s compatible with both Windows and macOS.

#3 ActivTrak

As the name suggests, the program records user activity on macOS and Windows devices. ActivTrak is suitable for workforce productivity analysis since it’s more focused on the time stats. Additionally, it allows monitoring of all programs used on the target computers and viewing visited websites. What’s more, the app is helpful when it comes to identifying slackers and top performers at the workplace. Analyzing malicious behavior is also important when you monitor the team’s computers so the app offers anomalous behavior detection. Finally, the app lets you add risky websites to a blacklist and make sure that your office machines are safe.

Best Network Performance Programs

#4 Dynatrace

Network monitoring is also an important part of keeping an eye on your computer. If you want to proactively identify connection issues, Dynatrace is the best option. Unlike other network monitoring programs, this solution lets you get network metrics at the process level and dig deeper. The program keeps you updated on the status of ESXi hosts, VMs, and cloud instances. Further, it monitors network interfaces, new machines, and all other changes in your infrastructure. The provided statistics also gives you a vivid picture of CPU, disk, memory, and network health status.

#5 SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

This multi-vendor network platform provides you with intelligent maps and insights for deeper visibility. Troubleshooting gets much easier with extra tools like NetPath and PerfStack. The app sends you alerts when something is going wrong within the system for you to address the issue before it impacts your business processes. In a single console, you can view the big picture and monitor multiple locations. The application offers a free trial so you can test it first and decide if it meets all your requirements.

#6 PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG helps you keep an eye on all your devices, traffic, applications, and systems in your IT infrastructure. The program will be suitable for businesses of all sizes since it’s pretty easy to use. With this app, you can check how much bandwidth your programs and devices are using and detect the source of bottlenecks. Further, it allows tracking all types of servers in real-time with their capacity and reliability. Cloud computing services monitoring is also possible. Other helpful features include HTTP requests, SSH, and more.

Best CPU Temperature Monitoring Programs for Windows/Mac

#7 Open Hardware Monitor

Let’s look through the best solutions for monitoring CPU temperature. Open Hardware Monitor is a free open source software that tracks the temperature of CPU, voltages, and fan speeds. The website looks a bit spartan but the software is frequently updated and improved. The app is easy to use and you can view all the monitored values in the system tray, the main window, and in a desktop gadget. The app supports all Windows versions and any Linux operating system.

#8 Core Temp

One more powerful program to monitor processor temperature and other important data on your PC. The app displays the temperature of every individual core of your processors which makes the app more efficient than other solutions. If you’re not sure that your processor is supported, just check the list on the developer’s website. The program offers a system of plug-ins where developers can add some extra features and improve the functionality. The app is suitable for tech-savvies since it offers many features.

Best Software Installation Monitoring Apps

#10 Mirekusoft Install Monitor

Monitoring what apps are installed on your device is pretty important when you want to keep your PC safe and sound. Unlike other uninstallers, Mirekusoft is a multifunctional tool for solving any PC issues connected with reliability and performance. Intellengly monitoring your PC, the program helps you manage and even complete delete changes made by other apps. To increase your device’s stability and performance, you can use a fast cleanup feature and remove all leftover files and other changes. The app is suitable for Windows devices.

#11 Comodo

Comodo is a world-wide known solution for the complete removal of unwanted drivers, applications, and components from your PC. The program keeps a record of even the smallest changes in your system and quickly undoes them on your request. Additionally, it offers a backup feature in case you uninstall any app by mistake. It also works as malware protection since it has an in-built virus scanner. The solution for personal use is absolutely free of charge.

Best USB Control Programs for Windows/Mac

#12 EventLog Analyzer

A USB control program should be also installed on your devices, especially when it comes to data leakage protection. EventLog Analyzer keeps track of USB device usage and sends you detailed reports in graphs, tables, and lists. If any suspicious activity takes place, you are shortly notified with real-time alerts. The program shows you who’s using a USB device, how, and when. Live demo on the website will tell you more about the main features.

#13 AT&T Cybersecurity USB Monitoring

The software monitors USB usage and detects host intrusions like trying to change critical files or to access sensitive data. It continuously keeps track of your devices and network and provides log management and analysis. For IT Security departments and company owners, it’s a life-saver since it can monitor multiple devices simultaneously and help them prevent data leakage. The program is paid but offers a free trial.

Best Data Leakage Prevention Software

#14 Endpoint Protector

Data leakage prevention programs are essential not only for big companies, but also for legal assistants, software developers, and government administrations. Endpoint Protector keeps your personal and corporate data safe thanks to powerful security features. It keeps track of removable drives and protects your computer from data leakage through screenshots, keystrokes capturing, or applications like Skype and Microsoft Outlook. The app can also scan and identify sensitive data at the endpoint level. The app is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux devices.

#15 Open Raven

Open Raven is a good solution to check what data is sensitive and where it is located. The app lets you create your own policies and get alerts on policy violations. It identifies and closes security gaps with ease and allows managing all security violations from a single platform. The app works as a SaaS platform and doesn’t require any technical skills. During a free trial, you can try all its main features.

If you know any good computer monitoring solutions as well, please share your experience in the comments below.



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