3 best alternatives to CleanMyMac to optimize your Mac

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Mac computers are known as versatile and reliable workstations and entertainment hubs that have almost no rival in terms of performance and longevity. This doesn’t mean, however, that Macs don’t need any maintenance. With time and use, even Mac machines face a decline in efficiency and speed due to the accumulation of files that are, in most cases, redundant (duplicate files, cache data, cookies, and more…). This is why periodic Mac cleaning comes into play to make sure that your Mac continues to function at its prime capacity.

CleanMyMac is probably the best known Mac cleaner out there. It has established itself as an excellent solution for decluttering and reviving Mac systems and its reputation is well-earned. However, a diverse range of alternative programs has emerged, each of them offering a unique approach to Mac cleaning.

As technology advances and user demands evolve, it’s important to remain informed about the solutions that the market offers to make sure we rely on the most suitable for our needs, level of expertise, and budget. In this article, we’ll explore the three best alternatives to CleanMyMac to clean your Mac computer and optimize its performance and longevity.

3 best Mac Cleaners alternative to CleanMyMac


JWIZARD Cleaner is one of the absolute best alternatives to CleanMyMac to sweep away redundant files and liberate precious disk space on your Mac to ensure that it can operate at peak efficiency.

Main features

JWIZARD Cleaner boasts a robust arsenal of functions that encompass both basic and advanced cleaning operations:

  1. System Junk Cleanup: JWIZARD Cleaner can spot and remove system junk, which includes log files, temporary files, corrupted data, and cache;
  2. Browser Data Purge: the software’s prowess extends to clearing your browser history, downloaded files, and cookies;
  3. Smart Scan Mode: a convenient one-click solution that allows you to run a comprehensive scan across all categories to perform your Mac clean up routin without the need of manual intervention;
  4. Mail Client Optimization: with its intelligent algorithms, JWIZARD Cleaner identifies and eliminates unnecessary files within your mail client to helps trim excess baggage and enhance email efficiency;
  5. Xcode Files Cleanup: JWIZARD offers a distinct advantage for app developers as it provides a specialized feature to clear Xcode files. Tailored for iOS and macOS platform developers, this functionality eradicates temporary and redundant files generated during app development. This not only reclaims disk space but also accelerates the overall app development workflo;
  6. Application Uninstallation: JWIZARD Cleaner facilitates the removal of applications and associated files to free up valuable disk space and enhance system performance;
  7. Application Usage Statistics: Statistics on the usage of installed applications, enabling users to make informed decisions about which applications to retain or remove.
  8. Website Visitation Data: JWIZARD Cleaner can analyze website visitation data to provide insights into your online habits.

JWIZARD’s Advantages Over CleanMyMac

JWIZARD’s main advantage over CLeanMyMac is its commitment to safety and user control. With its ‘Details’ feature, users can review and select files before deletion, ensuring no crucial data is erased inadvertently. Moreover, the software’s cautious approach to file deletion assures that only non-essential files are removed, leaving important data untouched.

JWIZARD’s Disadvantages compared to CleanMyMac

The only disadvantage of JWIZARD compared to CleanMyMac is its availability of price plans. CleanMyMac offers a wider range of plans, including several single-payment options that are, instead, not available for the JWIZARD software.


● Supported OS: macOS 12.0 or later;

● Subscription Model: Yes;

● File System Access: Requires full disk access for effective scanning and deletion;

● Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.

JWIZARD VS CleanMyMac: Cost comparison

JWIZARD’s and CleanMyMac’s subscription plans are structured differently.

JWIZARD’s price plans

  • 1 Month subscription: $9.99;
  • 3 Month subscription: $14.99;
  • 1 Year subscription: $24.99.

CleanMyMac’s price plans:

  • 1 Year subscription: $34.99 per year;
  • One-time purchase: $89.99.

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iMyMac PowerMyMac

Tailored with precision for Mac users facing the constraints of limited memory space, PowerMyMac offers an array of features designed to declutter, enhance speed, and bolster privacy. It serves as a valid alternative to CleanMyMac, providing effective optimization for your Mac and improved file organization.

PowerMyMac Main Features

  • Junk Cleaner: It scans your system for temporary files, caches, and other digital debris, freeing up valuable storage space and enhancing overall performance;
  • App Uninstaller: This feature ensures complete removal of apps, including associated files, allowing you to regain disk space and maintain a streamlined system;
  • Duplicate Finder: It scans your Mac for identical files, helping you identify and remove duplicate copies, which not only saves storage but also streamlines file management;
  • Similar Image Finder: This tool quickly identifies similar images, making it easy to choose the best ones and clear duplicates, contributing to a more organized media library;
  • Large & Old Files: This helps you identify files that you might have forgotten about, enabling timely cleanup and efficient storage management;
  • File Shredder: By permanently deleting files beyond recovery, this feature ensures your confidential information remains protected and uncompromised;
  • Browser Cleanup: It clears browser history, cookies, and caches, promoting faster performance and maintaining your online privacy;
  • Extension Manager: This feature enables you to easily enable or disable browser extensions, ensuring a smoother browsing experience and preventing clutter.

PowerMyMac’s advantages over CleanMyMac

The Similar Image Finder feature in PowerMyMac offers a unique advantage over CleanMyMac. This tool streamlines image management by quickly identifying and helping users remove similar images. This feature could be particularly valuable for users with extensive media libraries, aiding in efficient organization and reducing clutter. CleanMyMac may not offer an equivalent specialized tool for handling similar images.

PowerMyMac’s Disadvantages compared to CleanMyMac

Compared to CleanMyMac, PowerMyMac lacks a one-click solution that allows you to clean up your cache, cookies, and browse history data.

PowerMyMac Specs

  • Supported OS: macOS 13.0 or later (compatible with Apple M1);
  • Subscription Model: Yes;
  • File System Access: Requires full disk access for effective scanning and deletion;
  • Languages: English, Français, Deutsch, Español, 繁體中文, 简体中文, Italiano, 한국어, Nederlands, Polski, Русский, Português, Arabic.

PowerMyMac VS CleanMyMac: Cost Comparison

Yearly subscriptions comparison

Una-tantum licenses comparison


DaisyDisk is another good alternative to CleanMyMac. It provides all the features you need to perform a premium Mac clean and a catching and unique interface.

DaisyDisk: Main features

  • File Collector: DaisyDisk utilizes a visual file collector feature represented by a large dot in the bottom left corner of the screen. The user can drag and drop files here for easy deletion;
  • Junk Preview: The software offers previews of files, allowing you to assess their content before committing to deletion. It also provides the option to navigate to the file’s location in Finder;
  • Deletion Countdown: After adding files to the collector, DaisyDisk incorporates a 5-second countdown timer before permanently deleting them. This is a precaution to prevent accidental deletion;
  • Cloud Account Scanning: DaisyDisk extends its functionality to cloud accounts like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox. You can easily connect and scan cloud-stored files, contributing to comprehensive storage management;
  • Disk Selector: DaisyDisk examines the Mac’s hard disk and attached drives, displaying their data and directories. The Scan Folder feature allows focused analysis on specific folders, optimizing time efficiency during scanning.

DaisyDisk’s advantages over CleanMyMac

DaisyDisk has a couple of advantages over CleanMyMac:

● The first advantage is the precautionary features DaisyDisk implements. The file preview and the countdown deletion allow you to reduce accidental deletion to the minimum.

● The second advantage is the unique interface that this software provides that allows you to know everything you need in one look.

DaisyDisk’s Disadvantages Compared to CleanMyMac

DaisyDisk is a Mac cleaner but it’s not specific for cookies and cache cleaning. Software like CleanMyMac and JWIZARD can provide specific features for this purpose that help you maintain the Mac’s peak performances and your browsing experience smooth.

DaisyDisk Specs

● Required Mac iOS: 10.13 or higher

● Subscription Model: No

● Lifetime License: Yes

● File System Access: Requires full disk access for effective scanning and deletion

● Languages: English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Polski, Русский, Español, Português, Svenska, Türkçe, Українська, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 日本語

DaisyDisk VS CleanMyMac: Cost Comparison

DaisyDisk only provides a lifetime license, which is among the cheapest in the market. For this reason, we’ll only compare the DaisyDisk’s and CleanMyMac’s Lifetime License.

Una-tantum licenses comparison

3 best alternatives to CleanMyMac: One-look Comparison


  1. Can’t my Mac clean itself?

Despite being an efficient and long-lasting machine, Macs are not provided with advanced features to effectively clean themselves without the need of third-party software. This is why the use of a Mac cleaner is highly recommended.

2. Can Mac cleaning programs erase my important files?

Mac cleaning programs are designed to target and remove unnecessary files. To mitigate the risk of important files being deleted, reputable Mac cleaning programs such as the ones discussed in this article, implement safety features to prevent the accidental removal of critical data.

3. How to choose the Mac cleaning program?

To choose a Mac cleaning program, consider factors like features, user reviews, safety measures, compatibility, and pricing. With this article, we’ve helped you compare options like JWIZARD Cleaner, CleanMyMac, and PowerMyMac to find the one that suits your needs best.


Even Mac machines need maintenance to ensure sustained performance and longevity.

CleanMyMac stands as a well-known option, yet the market introduces a variety of alternatives, each presenting a unique approach to Mac maintenance. In this article, we’ve unveiled three top alternatives to CleanMyMac, offering insight into their features, advantages, and drawbacks.

JWIZARD Cleaner emerges as a strong contender, providing you with a strong arsenal of features from the most basic to the most advanced, developer-level cleaning tasks. While it lacks certain pricing options compared to CleanMyMac, its dedication to safety and user control provides reassurance.

PowerMyMac can declutter, enhance speed, and strengthen privacy on your Mac. Compared to JWIZARD, it lacks some advanced features, but it’s a valid alternative to CleanMyMac for a slightly cheaper price.

DaisyDisk emerges for its unique interface. Compared to the others, it lacks some advanced features and a one-click solution for cache and cookie cleanup. However, it stands as the cheapest option available.

Choosing the right Mac Cleaning program hinges on individual needs, preferences, and — of course — budget. There is no such thing as the absolute best Mac Cleaner, but there is the most suitable to your needs. With this article, we’ve helped you discover which one is the best Mac Cleaning software for you.



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