5 Best Alternatives to Monitask

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As more employees join your team, it’s important to have employee monitoring tools in place. These handy tools help management evaluate how productive and efficient employees and teams are, by comparing their performance to past data. But with so many options out there, choosing the right tool can be a bit tricky.

Monitask makes a good employee productivity monitoring tool whether you consider competencies, integration, user experience, support, and product evaluation. However, it is not the only solution of such quality on the market. So, here we will compare it to its five best alternatives.

Introduction to Monitask: All you need to know

Monitask is a business employee monitoring tool that helps monitor employee productivity through their activities and time spent on each task. It segregates employees into different productivity levels, which helps management supervise the tasks and projects for every employee accordingly.

Monitask helps with employee screenshots, online timesheets, payroll calculations, real-time reports, and more.


The top 3 features of Monitask include:

· Employee online status and attendance

Monitask gives real-time information about online employees, their work, tasks, status, and time spent on different tasks. It also tracks employee attendance.

· Online timesheet generation

Monitask automatically generates online timesheets, which assist in billing and payroll processing. These timesheets can be customized according to business requirements. You can export the timesheet in different formats, for example, PDF.

· Remote employee monitoring

Monitask helps track on-site and remote employees. With it, your business can monitor all activities of every employee, along with potential productivity problems.

Price range

Monitask provides a free trial with every plan, not requiring credit card information. It offers three plans which are as follows:

· The pro plan costs $5.00 per month for every user.

· A business plan costs $5.00 per month for every user.

· For pricing of the Enterprise plan, you can contact the sales team.

Upon annual payment, you get an additional 20% discount.


· Customizable policies

· Seamless integrations

· Advanced analytics and reporting

Platform compatibility

It is compatible with iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and macOS devices.

5 Best Alternatives to Monitask

Here is everything you need to know about the five best alternatives to Monitask

1. CleverControl

CleverControl employee monitoring platform brings its all-in-one cloud solution for in-depth employee activity tracking. Apart from basic tracking features, it comes with keylogging, search engine tracking, printer activities, etc. Hence, your organization can block potential productivity barriers to enhance workflow efficiency.


The top 3 features of CleverControl include:

· Removeable storage monitoring

With CleverControl, you can track which employees used a storage device on their computer, when they used it, etc. It helps maintain organizational employee integrity.

· Mic sound recording

CleverControl brings a mic sound recording feature to track the conversations of employees. Thus, managers can monitor their employees with real-time tracking.

· Live monitoring of the screen and screen recording

You can view the employee’s screen in real-time remotely or set the program to record the screen throughout the day.

Price range

You can try CleverControl for free to test its functionality. It provides different plans for Cloud-based and On-premise solutions. The minimal license for the On-premise one is 10 computers; for the cloud one — 5 computers, but there is also a 1PC option. Below are the starting prices per PC per month for both solutions:

· A 3-month cloud-based solution — $11

· A 6-month cloud-based solution — $6

· A 12-month cloud-based solution — $3.80

· A 3-month on-premise solution — $9.70

· A 12-month on-premise solution — $8.30

· An a-4-month on-premise solution — $7.90

· A lifetime on-premise solution - $249

You can also enjoy nice discounts. For example, the on-premise solutions offer a 7% discount for 31–100 PC and a 14% discount for 101–300 PC licenses.


· Comprehensive daily reports

· Powerful keyboard and display recording

· Track the websites your staff visits

Platform compatibility

It supports Windows and macOS.

2. Hubstaff

Hubstaff productivity monitoring tool focuses on remote teams, but its features apply to on-site employees. It helps managers efficiently manage the workforce. This monitoring platform comes with multiple productivity and workflow-tracking applications.


The top 3 features of Hubstaff employee monitoring software include:

· Online Timesheets

Online timesheets let employees record their working hours, which helps in accurate automatic payroll generation, work-hour tracking, and task tracking.

· Clock App

The clock app from Hubstaff makes clocking in and out of work easy. For employers, this app helps track breaks and employees’ daily attendance. With the clock app, employers can monitor both remote and on-site employees.

· GPS Location Tracking

Hubstaff has GPS location tracking that tracks and records the location of employees. Employers can see if the remote and on-site employees are working within their virtual boundaries.

Price range

Hubstaff offers the Desk Free plan that one user can use for free. Other employee monitoring plans are:

· Desk Starter for $5.83 per month per user

· Desk Pro for $8.33 per month per user

You can also contact their sales team to get an enterprise plan.


· 24/7 customer support

· A wide range of integrations

· Easy user interface with detailed insights

Platform compatibility

Hubstaff is compatible with Windows, Chromebook OS, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

3. ActivTrak

ActivTrak employee monitoring helps management keep the team productive by tracking productivity and efficiently managing employee workload. It provides in-depth analytics for employees, teams, tasks, and projects. ActivTrak focuses on small business requirements.


The top 3 features of ActivTrak include:

· Website Blocking

ActivTrak allows blocking access to websites by group or by URL. It helps maintain network security and keeps productivity barriers away.

· Application monitoring

With ActivTrak, you can track which programs are used by whom and how long they use each. Managers also get to know about the frequent apps used by every individual.

· Alerts

Managers get alerts about real-time employee performance. ActivTrak allows one to view the annual data of teams and individuals, which can help in future decisions.

Price range

ActivTrak starts with a free plan for teams of up to 3 users. The details of paid plans are as follows:

· The Essentials plan costs $10 monthly per user. It is good for teams with over 5 users.

· The professional plan costs $17 monthly per


· You may contact the support team to get pricing details for the Enterprise plan.

For each plan, you can get multiple add-on features and services. It also offers a free 14-day trial.


· Analytics and reports are extremely detailed

· The tool ensures that employees are not overburdened according to their productivity stats.

· The free plan is good enough for lifetime usage and testing ActivTrak’s service reliability.

Platform compatibility

ActivTrak is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS on computers. However, it is not compatible with iOS or Android devices.

4. Insightful

Insightful tracks employee activity and provides insights into their productivity and efficiency. It has a suite of tools and apps to give managers complete employee performance tracking.


The top 3 features of Insightful include:

· Time mapping

Automatic time mapping features help categorize activities according to their nature. Hence, employees get tasks, meetings, calls, and breaks scheduled automatically.

· Screen monitoring

Managers can track screens and take screenshots to see what their employees are working on. Managers can check individual on-site and remote employees for distractions, technical issues, etc.

· Operational efficiency

It provides insights and points out aspects that can be improved to enhance operational efficiency. It tracks both wasted time and unallocated or misallocated resources.

Price range

Insightful offers a free trial without any limitations; the details about its paid plans are as follows:

· Employee Monitoring costs $8 per month for 1 employee

· Time Tracking costs $10 per month for 1 employee

· Automatic Time Mapping costs $15 per month for 1 employee

Upon annual subscription, you get a 20% discount on all plans.


· Points out productivity barriers

· Provides insights about the performance

· Planning your schedule with task prioritizing becomes easier.

Platform compatibility

Insightful supports Windows and macOS only.

5. DeskTime

DeskTime is a suite of employee attendance, time tracking, and project management tools. With DeskTime, employees and managers track time spent on every task. It generates in-depth reports with detailed insights about employee productivity progress.


The top 3 features of DeskTime include:

· Offline tracking

DeskTime tracks employee progress both offline and online. If users work without an internet connection, that time will still be counted as their active time.

· Pomodoro timer

DeskTime breaks time tracking into 25-minute intervals with small breaks. These intervals and breaks can be customized. It helps improve productivity.

· Private time

With DeskTime, employees can mark time for their personal activities. That time is not tracked and added to the payroll calculation.

Price range

DeskTime gives you a free trial without any credit card needed. Below are more details about the paid DeskTime plans:

· Pro plan for 1 user at $7 monthly

· A premium plan for 1 user at $10 monthly

· Enterprise plan for 1 user at $20 monthly

You get one month free with an annual subscription for every plan. The DeskTime Lite plan is free for single users.


· Automatic tracking to improve accountability

· Built-in project management to streamline workflow

· Integration with multiple tools to increase utility

Platform compatibility

DeskTime supports macOS, Linux, and Windows computers and Android and iOS smartphones.

Final Remarks

In this comparison, we discussed each tool’s features, pricing, device, platform compatibility, and advantages. Now you can compare Monitask with its top 5 competitors to see which option is better. Hopefully, this comparison will help you decide the best employee monitoring tool that suits your enterprise’s needs.



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