5 Top Alternatives to Kickidler

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Do you want to know the best Kickidler alternatives? Stop right there! We’ve listed the five most promising alternatives to conventional methods of monitoring employees. These essential tools serve various purposes, including productivity tracking, time management, and overall productivity enhancement.

Real-time monitoring, internet tracking, and GPS location information have benefits and drawbacks. Whether you need complex analytics on user behavior or a way to integrate with your current project management tools, we’ve got you covered. Let’s look at these options and pick the one that perfectly meets the needs of your business.


Kickidler is an effective tool for monitoring and regulating employee productivity. It has many helpful features, including automatic reporting, app usage tracking, productivity analytics, and real-time tracking and monitoring. Employers can use Kickidler to track employee efficiency and learn how to allocate employees’ time. The software’s popularity spans industries due to its user-friendliness and robust capabilities.

5 Top Alternatives to Kickidler

1. CleverControl:

An excellent alternative to Kickidler, CleverControl equips firms with extensive staff monitoring methods. When you have a tool like CleverControl, monitoring employee behavior is a breeze.

This robust program provides several tools that improve efficiency and facilitate the management of employees. Employers may see how their time is spent tracking employees’ use of websites and apps while on the clock. CleverControl also has a remote online dashboard that allows managers to see what their staff do on their computers in real time.

CleverControl’s stealth mode is one of its best advantages since it allows for covert monitoring without disrupting workers’ workflow. It keeps workers from stressing that they are being watched and promotes a more relaxed atmosphere in the office. CleverControl’s keystroke monitoring is another useful tool, giving companies a window into their staff’s data entry habits and motivation levels.

CleverControl’s ability to restrict access to specific websites helps workers concentrate and get more done. Companies can block access to personal or irrelevant websites while employees are on the clock.

In addition, the program offers advanced features such as sound recording, recording video from the employees’ screen and webcam, call recording and even face recognition.

CleverControl’s cost is praiseworthy because it is adjustable based on the length of your subscription. There are a variety of membership tiers available, so businesses of all sizes can find one that works within their budget and meets their monitoring requirements.


● Full-Scope Monitoring Capabilities

● Discrete tracking with a stealth mode

● Alternative pricing structures


● Advanced functionality may need an additional subscription.


The monthly cost of a CleverControl membership ranges from $11 for a three-month plan to $6.60 for a six-month plan and $4.70 for a twelve-month plan. In addition, businesses can try it out for free to see if it meets their needs.


CleverControl works on PCs and Macs. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and macOS 10.12 and later. The software’s cross-platform compatibility guarantees trouble-free staff tracking and management on any platform.

2. Time Doctor:

Time Doctor is a powerful time and productivity tracker that does more than keep track of the time you spend on tasks. With its extensive capabilities, organizations may better understand how their employees spend their time at the office, enabling them to make informed decisions that increase productivity. The tool is excellent since it helps businesses analyze employee time utilization and fix inefficiencies.

Time Doctor’s ability to monitor your sites and apps is a notable feature. The best way for firms to find and eliminate sources of employee distraction is to keep tabs on the websites and programs that workers use. The snapshot function also provides concrete evidence of employee actions, which helps set encouraging criteria and encouraging responsibility.

Time Doctor simplifies project management by connecting to other popular apps like Asana, Trello, and Slack. Time Doctor’s features may now be accessed directly from within the employee’s favorite productivity platforms, streamlining the user experience and reducing the need for frequent app switching.

Time Doctor is a trustworthy answer for businesses, whether they need precise time tracking for billing or want to boost team output. Its intuitive design and powerful features make it an invaluable tool for companies looking to boost productivity.


● Powerful time-keeping and analysis features

● Integration with other work tools is seamless

● Snapshots for in-depth evaluation


● Some people may feel overwhelmed by the advanced functionality.


Time Doctor has three different pricing tiers, with the most basic plan costing $5.9 per user per month when paid yearly ($7 per month), the standard plan costing $8.4 per user per month when paid annually ($10 per month), and the premium plan costing $16.7 per user per month when paid annually ($20 per month). Various features are available across plans to accommodate various corporate requirements.


Time Doctor works with a wide variety of operating systems. It’s also available in a web-based format so that you can use it with any browser. Time Doctor’s comprehensive device and OS compatibility make it an easy choice for enterprises.

3. ActivTrak:

ActivTrak is a powerful and flexible staff monitoring system that emphasizes ease of use without sacrificing features. Its intuitive interface helps employers quickly access and understand personnel information. Employers can learn a lot about their employees’ time management practices with the help of ActivTrak’s tracking of applications and internet usage. Using this function, you may pinpoint any time-wasting routines dragging down your workflow.

Employers may get instant updates on employee actions thanks to the software’s real-time monitoring and activity tracking, allowing them to act quickly if necessary. ActivTrak helps firms increase productivity by identifying areas for improvement, such as time spent on unproductive activities or waiting around.

The alert system is a significant strength of ActivTrak. The software can be set up to notify administrators if predetermined actions or occurrences take place, giving management an early warning to address any problems. For instance, it can warn if a worker goes to a blocked website or uses personal apps during work hours.

ActivTrak stands out as an excellent option for businesses that want to encourage a more efficient and productive workforce by giving vital insights, real-time monitoring, and the opportunity to maintain a focused work atmosphere. It’s an excellent option for companies of any size thanks to its user-friendly design and powerful capabilities.


● Easy-to-navigate user interface

● Tracking and monitoring in real-time

● Productivity-boosting alerts and website blocking


● Some more advanced functions may be limited to more expensive tiers.


There are a variety of ActivTrak pricing tiers available. While the free plan only allows for essential monitoring, the Essentials plan allows for much more for only $10 per user per month when paid annually. Businesses that need sophisticated monitoring and analytics might consider the $17 per user per month (paid annually) Professional plan. Businesses with unique needs can get tailored pricing by requesting a quote.


ActivTrak can run on multiple platforms. The program is compatible with macOS versions 10.15 and later and with Windows 7, 8, and 10. Employers can keep tabs on staff even when they use their preferred devices, thanks to the software’s support for all the most common operating systems.

4. Hubstaff:

Hubstaff is an ideal option for firms with remote or mobile workers because of its flexibility as a time-tracking and employee-monitoring solution. Hubstaff’s necessary GPS tracking functionality stands out alongside superior time tracking and activity level monitoring. This function provides companies with access to location-based information, allowing for enhanced management and facilitating the continued productivity of distributed teams.

Hubstaff’s robust reporting functionality is a major plus since it allows for in-depth analysis of staff efficiency. These reports help managers assess employee performance by highlighting areas for development and highlighting accomplishments. Hubstaff’s in-depth reports aid in making more informed decisions, leading to more effective project management through optimal allocation of resources.

Hubstaff’s compatibility with other project management and collaboration platforms like Asana and Trello is another reason for its success. By unifying data across systems, this integration makes workflow management more efficient. Managers can access real-time data, and workers don’t have to juggle different programs to keep track of their time and activities. Increased efficiency and less friction during implementation are the results of such coordination.


● GPS monitoring of off-site workers

● Support for a wide range of well-known PM software

● Extensive documentation for use in assessing performance


● For smaller companies, the higher-tier plans may be too pricey.


Hubstaff has several pricing tiers, including a free plan with limited functionality. Pricing ranges from $5.83 to $8.33 per month per person for the Starter and Pro plans, respectively. Enterprises can enjoy customized pricing plans.


Hubstaff works on multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Its support for many platforms makes it a good fit for businesses that employ workers in remote locations who rely on mobile devices.

5. Teramind:

Teramind is a revolutionary tool for monitoring staff performance, with unrivaled functionality for boosting efficiency in the workplace. Data-driven decisions can be made with the help of the software’s user behavior analytics, which probes deeply into employees’ actions. Business performance can be enhanced by gaining insight into user patterns to eliminate inefficiencies.

Teramind’s sophisticated alert and automation features are among its most notable qualities. Businesses can save time and resources by using smart automation to automate procedures for completing routine operations. Alerts warn administrators immediately of any questionable or non-compliant behavior, allowing for a swift response to keep the workplace safe and efficiently enforce business standards.

Teramind’s unrelenting dedication to DLP means that confidential data is safe from insider and outsider intrusion. Businesses may lessen the likelihood of data breaches and protect their intellectual property by implementing adequate data loss prevention procedures.

Employee work habits are analyzed in detail by Teramind’s productivity tracking feature, revealing places for development and new avenues for optimization. Businesses may encourage a more productive workforce and improve efficiency by tracking productivity levels.


● In-depth analyses of user behavior

● Alerts and automation that work

● Capabilities for preventing data loss


● The higher prices might put some companies off.


The cheapest Teramind plan costs £10 per month per seat, while the most expensive costs £23 per seat per month for the DLP plan. In addition, enterprises with unique needs can select the Enterprise plan at a custom price.


Teramind works with Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and a few versions of Linux. With this software, companies can keep tabs on employee activity across all of their devices, regardless of the operating system they use.


These excellent alternatives to Kickidler have features that are very useful for boosting productivity and keeping a check on workers. Whether an organization is looking for in-depth analysis, simplified workflows, or cutting-edge analytics, these options cover all the bases and help optimize human resource management and productivity.



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