Best Apps for Windows 2021

Not many people think about Apps when it comes to using Windows-run devices. But as sure as apps enhance user experience on other devices, they do the same for windows run devices. These apps and software could potentially make your life much easier. At least, in terms of carrying out your tasks.

For digital marketers, artists, or anyone who needs a bit of organization really, these apps are quite handy. Most are free, but there are a few with paid or premium versions. Either way, they’re all worth a try and will help you become better organized this year. Below, we have a list of 12 apps or software for windows and they are each chosen for their ability to make your life less stressful.

1. VLC

Although VLC has been around for quite a while, do not be tempted to think it has lost its use. VLC accepts virtually any video format and the media options can support other options for customization. It is free and can run on any platform: Windows, Mac, and IOS just to mention a few.

Also, VLC is a perfect choice if you’re a heavy media user on your Windows PC. It plays discs, as well as videos gotten from common sources and other network streaming protocols. Besides, if you are tired of viewing videos in your browser, then VLC’s got you covered on your windows device. Also, it saves you the stress of dealing with video codecs and other less reliable alternatives.

2. Netflix

This online movie streaming giant is exactly what you need to keep you entertained on a rainy day. Or, any day actually. Netflix gives you access to movies and TV shows around the globe. You also get to enjoy documentaries, award-winning series, and stand-up specials. More movies and TV shows are added all the time and you can check out your favorites, search new titles, and stream videos on your Windows device. Basically, there’s something for everyone.

Further, you can save your data by downloading titles and watch offline on your mobile device as Netflix can be synced across all your devices. Also, you can have up to five profiles for one account which can be used to give each member of your household a customized Netflix.

3. Spyrix Free Keylogger

Spyrix is the first app that makes this list. This is a free key logging software that allows you to record and monitor every single stroke of a key. It can also be used to spy on programs that are running on the target PC remotely via your online account. Remote monitoring is the most convenient way to monitor activities on a device. All you need to track your target is to log into your online account via any browser and any device. Basically, this free app allows you to control your kids’ computer activity via your smartphone which is very handy.

Its helpful features make Spyrix Free Keylogger perfect for parental control so you can keep an eye on your kid’s online activities. Keylogging feature enables you to read what a kid typed in and which app he/she used to do so. The keylogger can also capture screenshots at a set time period, so you can see the screen of the computer and learn what the person was doing over the day. Alternatively, you can use Spyrix Free Keylogger to monitor any activity on your system, which can impact or affect you. All these features are free of charge and are available on the Spyrix website for you to try it out.

4. Audible

Audible provides an audiobook service for book lovers who want to read, but don’t have the time to do so. If you fall into this category, you can easily find a favorite book (or a new one) and listen to it as you go on your daily commute. Oh, and it’s a great companion as you go about your day.

With Audible, you have a free 30 days trial after which you still get your first audiobook for free. Audible is an Amazon company with many audiobooks spread across all genres.

5. Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC is second to none when it comes to photo editing. It is arguably the most important photo editing software. Whether you are a pro photographer or you’re just learning the ropes, it’s a great way to add the wow factor to your images. It’s loaded with amazing editing tools and filters. It has found its way into the hearts of designers and artists over the years and around the globe.

Also, it is a free photo editing software that can be used to make banners, icons and website logos. It has basic and advanced tools that can transform your ordinary picture into an amazing work of art.

6. Google Chrome

We cannot help but place Google Chrome at the very top when it comes to choosing browsers. This reliable all-purpose browser can be synchronized across all your devices to open your computer tabs on your other devices. It allows you to conveniently and instantly search Google, plus it has vast library extensions. Google Chrome still stands out with its super speed, amazing user interface, and ease of use.

7. Amazon Music

Amazon Music on your Windows device allows you to download, manage, and play your favorite songs easily and conveniently. It is very user-friendly, fast when downloading and easily launched within seconds for your delight. Amazon Prime is the premium version, which you get for a fee. For less than $13 a month, you can get unlimited access to millions of songs and hundreds of playlists.

Then, the features are smart and intuitive, to ensure that you enjoy a seamless experience. You get alerts when there’s new music and they’re automatically added to your library. You can sync music that you’ve purchased either through iTunes or a CD.

8. Avast

This award-winning free virus shield comes in as our anti-virus of choice. This software for your windows device is loaded with the largest threat- detection network. It is easy to download and install and serves as a great way to keep your device safe from threats.

Again, you can use this free anti-virus to scan for performance and security issues. If a problem is detected, it flags it immediately with suggestions on how to fix the problem. Also, as you use your computer, this antivirus scans unknown files even before they reach you.

Apart from detecting and blocking viruses, it does the same as spyware, phishing, ransomware, and malware. Avast uses multiple security layers to keep your device safe from the newest threat or threats that have never been seen before. Avast has proven to be the most trusted antivirus you could have.

9. Skype

When it comes to long-distance communication, Skype stands out. It has become a very popular chatting app as it is compatible with Windows. If you are looking for an easy way to stay in touch with family and friends then this app is worth downloading.

Also, Skype is already integrated with Windows so that you can share pictures and choose your language of choice. You can also easily share your screen for troubleshooting. It has been named the best free video chat app for so many reasons. The features are amazing and the interface is easy to use. It can be used for voice calls, instant messages, and video conferencing among many others. The premium version unlocks even more features.

10. Google Drive

This free backup app allows you to save and later retrieve files like documents, photos, and videos in the cloud. Google Drive is a secure and reliable way of keeping your files so that you don’t lose stuff that’s important to you. By granting sharing permissions, you can invite anyone to view, comment, or edit any file, or document you chose.

Also, Google Drive gives you fast access to the details and activities of your files. You also get to view Videos and PDFs as well as files online. Your Google account has limited capacity shared between Google Photos, Gmail, and Google drive. Because of that, you will need a paid subscription to get more storage.

11. Recuva

We know how losing a file can be painful no matter how it happened, and that’s why we’ve included Recuva in this list. Using Recuva, you can recover lost music, emails, pictures, videos, and documents. This works whether it’s your external hard drive, USB stick, or memory card. Recuva can even recover files from drives that have been newly formatted or damaged.

Furthermore, when the files are hard to find, Recuva uses its advanced deep scan mode to search your drives and find traces of the deleted file you want to recover. However, if you need to delete a file for good, you can use the secure override feature to ensure that the file stays deleted and irrecoverable.

12. CCleaner

This trusted and award-winning PC optimization tool is easy to use and with just a click, you are on your way to an optimized computer in seconds. As your computer gets older, it gathers settings that consume space and files that are not used. This makes it function slowly but CCleaner cleans it up, keeping your Windows computer running faster instantly.

Finally, CCleaner keeps your identity and browsing history confidential as it erases all of it. With CCleaner, crashes and errors are minimized, plus you get to have a quick startup and faster running of your device.

In Conclusion, most of these apps and software are geared towards increased productivity. They were chosen to help your Windows system perform faster, efficiently and with greater speed. Most of these have premium versions, but if you’re not ready to shell out some cash, that’s okay too. The free versions will do the job for the most part.

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