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Today’s world is a highly competitive one. Dozens of companies are eager to offer us their services. In their desire to grab our attention, they stop at almost nothing. Hardly anyone enjoys receiving piles of flyers in their mailbox every other day, and most of us have fled from that one particularly annoying promoter in the street at least once. However, irritating spam is much harder to avoid when it comes to buzzing right on your phone.

Besides, phone calls are a favourite tool for all kinds of fraudsters and scammers. Presenting themselves as bank clerks, Amazon, a governmental agency or someone likewise important, they use various tricks or even psychological pressure to fool you out of money or personal information.

Of course, you can Google each unknown number before picking up the phone. Or you can block the number in your phone settings. But to do that, you will have to pick up the phone first and figure out if it is actually a scammer or just your aunt Olivia from Texas who got a new phone.

Luckily, you will not have to go through these ordeals, thanks to a wide variety of call blocking apps available on the market today. Here is a list of the most popular ones:


Truecaller proudly presents itself as “the world’s best caller ID & spam blocking app”, and it fulfils the promise. The application automatically detects and blocks calls and messages from robots, telemarketers, spammers, fraudsters and other unwanted contacts. There are additional blocking options, such as by country, by sequence and more. You can rest assured that no spammer will reach you, and yet, you will miss no significant call. The app offers the largest database of numbers which is updated daily by millions of users.

However, Truecaller is not just another simple blocking app. You can get a pack of additional goodies for a fee, including voice calls and call recording, extra contacts requests, the ability to see who viewed your profile and an ad-free experience.

Should I Answer?

Should I Answer? offers two levels of protection from undesired calls and messages. Whenever an unknown number calls you, the app searches for it in its database. If the number is reported malicious or otherwise unwanted, the app will warn you against answering it. Optionally, you can make the app block such numbers automatically, so the caller will not be able to reach you. It doesn’t matter if the number is a premium, hidden or foreign one — the app can block them all.

As in Truecaller, the database of numbers is composed by the users of the app. They anonymously rate unknown calls as safe or unwanted. Each report is then verified by admins of the app. So, if you have been planning to have sweet revenge on your ex by putting their number in the spam list, your plan will surely fail.

Should I Answer? protects you even at times when your phone does not have an Internet connection. All you need to do is to update the database of numbers from time to time using wi-fi.

Should I Answer? is also a fully functional dialer app where you can find your complete call history and contacts.


If you want more than just another call blocking app, take a look at CallApp. This exceptional piece of software is a fully functional call blocker that can identify the caller, block spam, robocalls, sales or unknown calls. You can also create a custom blacklist to block calls from your contact list, dialer or any phone number that you want. CallApp can identify the caller even if they call from a messenger app such as WhatsApp or send you SMSs. On top of that, the app offers a few catching perks, for example, analytics of your phone calls. It includes the duration of your incoming and outgoing calls, contacts that call you the most, the amount of spam and a lot more. Another unique feature of CallApp is video ringtones. You can set a video to play on the screen of your phone when someone is calling you. Besides, CallApp has a built-in call recorder that is easy to use and works on any Android device. This feature is helpful if you want to prove a scam or are afraid to forget details of an important call.

And last but not least is incognito calling. If you need more privacy, you can hide your phone number while calling through the app. Just be sure not to use this feature for malicious purposes, or you will be blocked too!

Call Blocker from Fiorenza Francesco

Neat and easy to use, this app does what it says — blocks calls. Forget about annoying marketers, spammers, robots, private or hidden calls from strangers. The app will block them automatically and silently, so your phone will not even ring. You can even go as far as blocking all calls from numbers that are not on your contacts list. An especially catching feature of the app is the call blocker schedule. You can set the app to block all calls only during a specific time of the day, so you will not be disturbed during an important meeting, a work project or at night.

Additionally, Call Blocker can block all outgoing calls except whitelisted numbers. It will come in handy if you want to control your child, a particularly talkative employee or a relative with disabilities.

An extra advantage of Call Blocker is its size. The app will not take much space on your phone. Yet, it has all the features to get rid of those annoying calls once and for all.

Calls Blacklist

If you are tired of endless calls from marketers, bots, spammers or just unknown and anonymous numbers, Calls Blocklist is the app for you. All you need to do is to add the number to a blocklist within the app and forget about the caller forever. Besides, Call Blacklist has a built-in database of numbers that allows blocking even numbers that are not on your blacklist yet. Despite that, the app is light and does not take much precious space on your phone.

Calls Blocklist works not only as a call filter but as an SMS filter as well. You can easily manage, send and receive messages via the app or block unwanted ones and spam if needed. This way, you can manage all your calls and messages using one app.

Have to change your device, but don’t want to lose the numbers on the blacklist? Calls Blocklist has you covered. You can easily save blacklisted numbers to a file and import them in the app on another device.

Calls Blocker also offers additional premium functionality. For a small one-time payment, you can get password protection, various blocking methods for your choice, an ad-free experience and a blocker scheduler by days of the week.

Call Blocker from UnknownPhone has over 4.000.000 identified phone numbers — and the figure is growing daily thanks to the service’s large community with millions of users over the UK. Its official app is a powerful call blocker that will help you avoid the most common scams, identify commercial calls and block any phone number that you want. You can also report the number as malicious within the app to warn other members of the community. Apart from that, you can block international calls, numbers outside your contacts list or all calls coming from unknown, hidden numbers of from No Caller IDs.

Though based in the UK, is not limited to its location and offers its services in more than 30 countries.

The app is free — however, you can get a few extra goodies if you pay a small monthly fee. Premium features include unlimited information about all the numbers you want, auto-blocking of 2000 dangerous numbers, access to all records for any phone number and an ad-free experience.

Call Control

As the name suggests, Call Control controls your incoming and outgoing calls and messages. Not only does it block known unwanted numbers, but the latest update of the app also blocks spam and scam likely and potential fraud calls. Additionally, you can create a custom block list and put that extremely talkative auntie there to give yourself a quiet moment. The app also offers the smart dialer feature that instantly lets you know who is calling: a person, a robot, a telemarketer, etc.

Call Control blocks not only calls but text messages as well, so those annoying spammers have no chance to reach you.

The app has a convenient do not disturb mode that blocks calls only during a specific time of the day or particular days of the week. It will be helpful if you are working on a challenging project and do not want any distractions.

Call Blocker from AndroidRock

Call Blocker from AndroidRock is another simple and powerful blocking app. It offers four blocker algorithms: blocking blacklisted numbers, blocking unknown numbers that are not on your contact list, allowing only whitelisted numbers or blocking all calls. Just choose one and let Call Blocker do the rest. The only possible drawback of the app is that it cannot prevent spammers from going to your voicemail.

On the plus side, the app does not require much memory or resources of your phone, and it is free. If you want a simple blocking app without all those bells and whistles, Call Blocker from AndroidRock is your choice.

Call Blocker from Ewall Studios

Call Blocker is a convenient app with a minimum number of complicated settings - although it does not make it any less effective. The app will run the caller through its extensive database and block the call if the number is reported unsafe. You can also create a custom blocking list within the app by adding a number from your contacts list or entering it manually. Additionally, like many of the above-mentioned, the app has a “do not disturb” mode.

Once you set up the desired blocking options, Call Blocker will block incoming calls and messages silently. The log of all blocked calls is available within the app, so you can always check it and remove the number from the block list if necessary.

The simple interface of the app makes it just perfect for people who are tired of tons of spam but not very good at all those modern gizmos.



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