NoNotes: Call Recording App for iPhones. Review, Features, Pros & Cons.

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NoNotes is a call recording app for android and IOS. Recording a call on an Android phone is quite easy, but when it comes to an iPhone, it’s a different ball game. IOS does not have any in-built call recorder. So, if you have to record your calls, you’ll have to find creative ways to go around that.

Of course, there are several ways you can record calls on an iPhone. You could always use Google Voice or other cloud-based solutions. However, this article is about third party apps that you can use to record your calls. And, not just any app, but NoNotes in particular.

Now, there are several things about NoNotes that are appealing. It probably isn’t the best call recording app on the block, but it has a lot to recommend it. Here, we’ll look at the design of the app, particularly how it works as well as the good and the bad.

By the way, NoNotes works for IOS devices. So, if you have an iPad or an iPhone, this is a great way to record your calls.


· Easy to use

· Free plan

· Record incoming and outgoing calls

· Saves call records

· Option to transcribe call records

· Multiple pricing options


· Paid subscription for unlimited calls

· Limited in certain locations

· Small learning curve

Basically, NoNotes is a fantastic app for recording calls on your mobile device. If you are a journalist who does lots of interviews or research, you are going to love this app. You can record your calls and then it gives you the option to transcribe your call records. This is one feature that makes NoNotes such a great call recording app.

Naturally, there are many reasons why you might want to record your calls and interviews is just one of those. You might need to record your calls as part of your business or for personal reasons. Whatever the reason, there are certain things you need to be aware of.

It is important to learn about the laws where you live and what they have to say about call recording. Some places don’t have a problem with recording calls, but that isn’t the case in most jurisdictions.

Generally, the law requires you to get the consent of both parties before recording. Some places let you get away with getting the consent of just one party. But even with those, you need to be extra careful because the courts might interpret it differently.

A good rule of thumb would be to always let the person on the other side know that you are recording the call. That way, you don’t run afoul of the law, whatever it is.

The Design of the App

NoNotes is different from other apps because you can use it as an app on your phone or use the web app. You could download the app to your phone and use it directly. The app has a nice user interface and that makes it easy and fun to use.

But, if you’d rather not download the app, you can still use NoNotes to record your calls. Whichever option you choose, you can also decide if you want transcripts for your call, which is cool.If you’re downloading the app, navigate to it and make your call from there. There are three options:

- Record my call

- Record active call

- Record and transcribe

When a call is coming in, you answer, then wait for the beep. Once you hear the beep, tap on Merge Call.

The way it works

So, how does NoNotes work? It’s quite simple really, although there is a slight learning curve which we’ll talk about briefly. Before you can start recording your calls with NoNotes, you need to register. You’ll need to enter your phone number, a numeric pin, and your email address. Your recordings will be sent to your email. The process is a quick one and quite straightforward, so you shouldn’t have any problem here.

Next, you can either download the app to your phone or make the call directly. If you’re downloading the app, you would need to activate it first before you can record your calls. If you are calling directly, you would need to call their 800 number first.

Then, once you’ve activated the app or called the 800 number, you can go ahead and make your call. NoNotes begins recording automatically. Once you’re done with your call, the file is immediately available for download. You can also easily share it with whomever you decide to share it with.

Again, a copy will be sent to your email along with an option to get the transcripts, if you want them. Everything is automated so it is a smooth process.

About the learning curve, the first time you use this it’s slightly confusing. Mostly because there’s no tell-tale beep or anything to tell you that recording has begun. Not to worry though, your recording is going on fine.

Easy Call Recording

Really, with NoNotes, call recording is simply a no-brainer. They have simplified the process so that even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, you can still use this. The user experience is seamless and you don’t spend several minutes wondering what goes where.

If you’re going to be recording calls regularly, then you will enjoy NoNotes. With this call recording app, you don’t have to think too hard about the process. It’s intuitive and happens naturally. The quality is also quite clear.

Interestingly, this is also a third-party call recording system in that you have to pass through their system. But the entire process is effortless. You can easily save your recordings on your computer or upload them to your cloud accounts. It’s always a good idea to have backups on Google Drive, Evernote or Dropbox for easy accessibility.

Transcription Service

NoNotes provides a transcription service that is just incredible. They do a great job here and it saves you the trouble of having to transcribe your recordings manually. Or pay a transcription service to do it. Once you’re done with your calls, they make the transcripts available almost immediately.

Of course, there is a fee attached to the service, but it is quite minimal and very reasonable. if you need clear transcripts of your recording then this is a great option. As an extra perk, the transcripts also come with time coding, which works perfectly for conference calls.

It’s important to note that transcription packages start from $45 an hour. Although, if you need to transcribe several hours of recordings, there’s bulk pricing which makes it cheaper.

Video Captioning

Lest we forget, this is an added service which you can take advantage of. NoNotes runs a competent video captioning service. So, you can easily get captions to go with your video. This is an added-on service so you will probably need to pay a fee for this.

The Good Parts

Firstly, the pricing. This is both a good and bad part, but under the good is the different pricing structures. You can pay for just what you need and it starts from as little as $8 a month for unlimited recording.

Secondly, there is a free plan which offers 20 minutes free recording minutes every month. If you need to record your calls only occasionally, then this is a great option. It’s not going to work for those who do this everyday though.

Again, we like the ease of use. We can’t say enough about that.

The Bad Parts

Some might think that the pricing structure is a bad thing. And when you think about some of the free options out there, we can’t blame them. You are unable to get unlimited minutes for recording with NoNotes unless you’re buying a paid subscription.

Also, it doesn’t seem like they save your recordings to their servers. You would need to download your recording once it’s done. This might seem like a good thing for some, but when you need a backup copy, then it becomes a problem.

To be fair, most users have found NoNotes to be a great call recording app. If there are bad parts, they aren’t many.


All things considered, NoNotes is a handy little app to have. It’s up there with the top call recording apps for iPhones. The free option might just be what you need and if you need more time, then one of the paid subscriptions will do.The UI of this app is quite nice, which just means that using it is a stress-free experience.

That said, is it the best call recording app out there? We don’t think so. However, we think that it is one of the best options you can have. If you’re not a heavy user, you will enjoy the free plan. If you need to record your calls regularly, then you can choose a pain plan that works for you.

Finally, the transcription service sets this call recording app above lots of other similar apps out there. For journalists, business people, team leaders, or students, this is for you. It is a great appfor anyone who needs access to transcripts of a recorded call.



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