Top 10 WhatsApp & Viber Tracking Spy Apps For Android 2021

Spying Apps for Parental Control

  • Online predators. According to the Crimes Against Children Research Center, 1 in 5 kids who regularly surf the Net say they have received an unwanted sexual solicitation via the web.
  • Cyberbullying. Kids are keen on sharing their photos and ideas on social networks and, unfortunately, there are people who troll kids for the posted content. Just imagine, 60% of teenagers have experienced cyberbullying in the USA, Pew Research Center says.
  • Adult content. Approximately 25% of Internet search queries are porn-related and expose users to pornographic content, including kids and teenagers. To protect a child from any unwanted content like gambling, violence, adult content, parents usually block these categories of websites on kids’ devices.

Spying Apps for Employee Productivity

Is WhatsApp & Viber Tracking Legal?

1. EvaSpy

  • View WhatsApp and Viber chats;
  • Read text messages;
  • View media stored on the device (including photos and videos);
  • Remotely monitor activities (including WhatsApp and Viber messages);
  • View Viber nicknames associated with messages;
  • Clean and easy to navigate dashboard.

2. mSpy

  • Monitor WhatsApp and Viber messages, including those that have been deleted;
  • Have access to WhatsApp and Viber media files;
  • Record calls including video calls;
  • Get details of messages including timestamp and contact details;
  • Takes and saves screenshots of the target device.

3. PanSpy

  • Get details of every WhatsApp chat, including date and time;
  • Read all chat messages;
  • See media files, including pictures, audio, and videos;
  • Get the PanSpy parental control features with the Ultimate package.

4. iKeymonitor

  • Monitor texts sent from any app, including WhatsApp and Viber;
  • Get email alerts when certain words are triggered;
  • Track target phone remotely;
  • Take screenshots of target phones;
  • Record phone calls, including WhatsApp calls.

5. FlexiSPY

  • Records and intercepts WhatsApp and Viber calls;
  • Access call logs on Viber and WhatsApp;
  • Read messages;
  • See audio and video files;
  • Remote monitoring and control.

6. TruthSpy

  • Track WhatsApp and Viber calls;
  • Keep tabs on WhatsApp and Viber messages;
  • View uploaded calls and messages on the Dashboard;
  • View previous messages;
  • Follow call logs.

7. SpyMaster Pro

  • Keep track of all WhatsApp and Viber chats;
  • Get access to media files including audio, video, and pictures;
  • Listen to WhatsApp and Viber calls and view call logs;
  • See the contact details.

8. Copy9

  • Track WhatsApp and Viber activities on a target phone;
  • Simultaneously track several phones;
  • Access call logs;
  • Runs in stealth mode and can’t be detected;
  • Access saved media files.

9. Spyzie

  • Keep track of WhatsApp and Viber chats;
  • Record WhatsApp and Viber calls;
  • Get information and details about how the apps are being used.

10. Highster Mobile

  • It works with all Android devices;
  • Is configured to work on Android 10;
  • Tracks WhatsApp and Viber chats;
  • Logs WhatsApp and Viber calls including video calls;
  • Get alerts via email;
  • Remote monitoring enabled.




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