Top 15 Windows Apps for IT Security 2021

Why Is IT Security Software Important?

Taking IT and data security seriously is vitally important, especially for business. If an organization’s network is breached or corporate data gets leaked, the damage may be catastrophic and cause overwhelming recovery costs. In some cases, recovery is not possible at all. The convincing reasons to use IT security software at your company include:

  • protection from insider data leakage;
  • preventing employees’ unlawful actions;
  • making your customers feel safe and secure;
  • data loss prevention.

Computer Monitoring Software

#1 Spyrix Employee Monitoring

#2 Teramind

  • security gaps identifications;
  • external users monitoring (users who have access to your critical systems);
  • integrations with IDS/IPS and SIEM systems.

#3 InterGuard

InterGuard is a Windows application that can record all user activities even when not connected to the network. It allows IT security specialists to replay sessions and check the exact context of any situation. Moreover, the program is helpful when it comes to the prevention of high-risk access and setting granular access policies. With InterGuard, your IT security department will react faster and intelligently to any incident thanks to:

  • endpoint lockdown;
  • investigation follow-up.

#4 SoftActivity TS Monitor

  • instant alerts when the company policies are broken;
  • online dashboard to check the data remotely;
  • password-protected;
  • easy deployment.

#5 Kickidler

Kickidler is also a perfect solution for insider threat prevention on Windows devices. This solution turns company devices into surveillance tools and lets you check what your employees are up to in real-time. Any activity of your team is recorded so you can always get back to a particular moment and check if an employee performed anything unwanted. In the case of an insider risk employee investigation, the app shows you all keys pressed by the end-user and gives you a vivid picture of their intentions.

  • screen video recording;
  • screen viewing;
  • keylogging;
  • time tracking.

Internet Security Programs

#6 Norton Security

Protecting your data from cyber-attacks and other online dangers is one of the IT security department’s responsibilities that’s why it’s very important to select the right solution for Internet security. Norton Security is an award-winning tool among anti-viruses designed for business needs. The Windows app identifies all Internet threats and blocks them before they damage your company’s devices. What’s more, it scans and destroys malware files that enter your PC. Interestingly, the app also monitors installed applications for suspicious behavior and blocks unwanted software.

  • secure VPN;
  • cloud backup;
  • password manager;
  • compatible with Windows.

#7 Kaspersky Anti-Virus

IT Security specialists will find this app extremely helpful thanks to the abundance of features. The program protects company devices from viruses and malware and constantly scans and removes the latest cyber threats. It also detects fishing emails so you don’t get tricked by scammers. Kaspersky continuously scans the network for unwanted activity and defends it against hackers. Additionally, the program offers payment protection and redirects you to a bank-grade encrypted browser when you pay online.

  • privacy cleaner to remove all signs of your activity;
  • compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android;
  • webcam unauthorized access blocking;
  • file encryption.

#8 Hotspot Shield

This is the fastest VPN to stay anonymous with military-grade encryption. The application is available on all major platforms, including Windows and Mac and is trusted by millions of users. Hotspot Shield is also helpful when your company employees need to access foreign websites as it provides servers across 80 countries.

  • ultra-fast connection speed;
  • malware and fishing protection;
  • password manager;
  • live chat support.

#9 Virus Total Scanner

  • detailed results for every test;
  • easy-to-use;
  • supports submissions in any programming language;
  • compatible with any device, web-based.

#10 Password Padlock

Keeping company passwords secure is vitally important to protect corporate and financial data. This Windows app lets you store your passwords in a safe environment with the AES-256 encryption algorithm. The interface of the app is password protected to keep your data secure from unauthorized access.

  • password synchronization;
  • easy-to-use interface;
  • access from multiple devices;
  • user-friendly.

Data Loss Prevention Software for Windows

#11 Endpoint Protector By CoSoSys

A powerful endpoint protection program ensures the safety of your company’s machines. This app is easy to install and doesn’t require any technical skills to run, which makes it a perfect solution for companies of all sizes. It discovers, tracks, and protects sensitive data.

  • monitoring of USB devices;
  • encryption of USB storage devices;
  • password-based;
  • sensitive data scanning and removal.

#12 McAfee DLP

This app is a perfect solution for consistent data loss detection. It defends data such as PCI, PII, and PHI regardless of the location (cloud, on-premises, or at the endpoint). Additionally, McAfee lets the admin monitor daily computer usage and detect risky activities like emailing, printing, web searching, and screen capturing.

  • endpoint discovery scans;
  • automated reporting;
  • integration with McAfee anti-virus.

#13 SecureTrust Data Loss Prevention

  • prevents data loss across your network, cloud, and endpoints;
  • scheduled scanner;
  • password-protected files;
  • ease of use.

#14 Sophos Endpoint

  • ransomware file protection;
  • exploit prevention;
  • endpoint protection and response;
  • ease of use.

#15 CheckPoint

CheckPoint is the last app that makes our list. It offers flexible security administration and is easy to install and use. The app is compatible with Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. You can try the app for free before the purchase.

  • fishing sites blocker;
  • protection from malware;
  • credential theft prevention;
  • endpoint protection and data loss prevention.

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