Top 23 Keyloggers for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, Android & Hardware Keyloggers in 2021

What Is a Keylogger?

Best Keylogging Software for Android

#1 EvaSpy

  • no root required;
  • the abundance of features;
  • online access to the recorded data from any device;
  • recording of social activities and chats.
  • suitable for only Android devices.

#2 mSpy for Android

  • compatibility;
  • powerful keylogger;
  • 24/7 support;
  • quick installation.
  • requires registration if you want to learn the price.

#3 SpyEra Keylogger for Android

  • powerful keylogging supported in many apps;
  • records all pressed keys, even passwords;
  • hidden mode.
  • isn’t cheap;
  • a free keylogger is available for Premium Plus+ plan subscribers.

#4 Free Android Keylogger by Hoverwatch

  • user-friendly interface;
  • monitoring on social apps;
  • call tracking.
  • expensive for personal use.

Best Keyloggers for Windows

#1 Spyrix Free Keylogger

  • remote access to recorded data via an online account;
  • free access to all features;
  • keylogging feature (on Windows, it records all keystrokes, including passwords);
  • easy to install and use;
  • extra features like app monitoring, screen capturing, and removable drives & printer tracking.
  • found none.

#2 Actual Keylogger

  • several methods of log delivery (email, LAN, FTP, locally on the PC);
  • password-protected interface;
  • hidden mode and invisibility;
  • website monitoring;
  • simple configuration;
  • free trial.
  • doesn’t offer remote control via an online account.

#3 Kidinspector

  • Remote settings and uninstall;
  • User-friendly;
  • Live streaming of the screen and webcam
  • Social media activity tracking
  • is not free

#4 Clever Control

  • Printer monitoring
  • Video and sound recording
  • Remote settings and uninstall
  • Flexible settings
  • the minimum license is for 5 PCs

#5 Best Free Keylogger for Windows

  • free;
  • HTML reports;
  • password protection;
  • remote settings;
  • blacklist of websites.
  • a number of screenshots you can capture per day is limited in its free version;
  • the free app doesn’t offer premium tech support.

#6 Refog Keylogger for Windows

  • reliable software;
  • records chat and IM activity;
  • online access to collected data;
  • hidden mode;
  • compatibility.
  • offers fewer monitoring features than its competitors;
  • rather expensive.

Best Keyloggers for macOS

#1 Spyrix Keylogger for Mac

  • flexible features with helpful add-ons;
  • social app monitoring & blocking;
  • compatibility with all latest mac versions;
  • online access to the data;
  • a free trial;
  • money-back guarantee.
  • isn’t free.

#2 Kidinspector

  • blocking unwanted websites and apps
  • flexible settings
  • remote access to collected data via the online dashboard
  • compatibility with the latest macOS versions
  • live streaming of the screen and webcam
  • Only one way of log delivery

#3 Actual Keylogger

  • remote access to recorded data via the online account
  • various methods of log delivery
  • live viewing of the screen and the webcam
  • applications and website blocking
  • Additional charges for extra features such as screen recording and call recording

#4 Elite Keylogger for Mac

  • email log delivery;
  • records chats for free;
  • invisible to the user;
  • screenshot capturing;
  • free of charge.
  • to access more features, you need to upgrade your subscription;
  • pricing for PRO versions is complicating.

#5 Aobo Mac Keylogger

  • records passwords;
  • chat and email tracking;
  • invisibility;
  • password-protected;
  • email and FTP log delivery.
  • the free keylogger has a limited number of features.

#6 Perfect Keylogger for Mac Lite

  • free keylogger for mac;
  • records visited websites;
  • easy to use;
  • monitors IMs and chats.
  • doesn’t offer remote monitoring;
  • URLs are recorded only from Safari.

Top Keyloggers for Linux

#1 Kickidler Keylogger for Linux

  • reliable company;
  • IMS and social apps tracking;
  • helpful add-ons for businesses;
  • free keylogging feature.
  • pricing for PRO versions is complicating.

#2 Zlogger Keylogger for Linux

  • no root or admin rights required;
  • starts at system startup;
  • records all keystrokes.
  • the configuration isn’t easy.

#3 LogKeys Keylogger for Linux

  • powerful keystroke logging feature;
  • compatibility;
  • simple uninstallation.
  • difficult to install.

Best Keyloggers for Chrome OS/ Chromebook

#1 InterGuard Chromebook Activity Monitoring

  • remote monitoring;
  • screenshot capture;
  • alert settings;
  • offers an online test drive
  • compatibility.
  • no free version.

#2 WebWatcher Chromebook Monitoring

  • alert screenshots;
  • tracking web searches and history;
  • screenshot capturing;
  • compatible with all Chromebooks.
  • a few tracking features.

#3 Google Family Link

  • lets you approve app downloads;
  • helps you manage kids’ free time;
  • sets time limits;
  • provided by a well-known company.
  • can be used only for parental control purposes;
  • doesn’t give you total control over the device.

Best Keyloggers for iOS

#1 Spyic Keylogger for iPhone

  • keystroke logging on all apps;
  • no jailbreak required;
  • friendly UI;
  • many monitoring features.
  • if you need a one-month subscription, you’ll have to fork out.

#2 iKeyMonitor Keylogger for iPhone

  • remote control via a live panel;
  • social activity monitoring;
  • keylogging in most popular apps;
  • jailbreak and no-jailbreak versions;
  • online demo.
  • to start monitoring an iOS device without jailbreaking, you need to know iCloud credentials.

#3 Spyzie Keylogger for iPhone and iPad

  • no jailbreak required;
  • many monitoring features;
  • physical access to the device isn’t required.
  • for now, you can monitor only one device from one account.

Hardware Keyloggers

#1 AirDrive Forensic Keylogger

  • undetectable;
  • tiny tool 10 mm long;
  • compatible with all USB keyboards;
  • offers 16mb internal flash memory;
  • works as a WiFi device.
  • a cheaper tool doesn’t support email log delivery;
  • as it’s a hardware keylogger, it can be detected by a user.

#2 Keystroke logger PS/2 16 MB

  • undetectable;
  • tiny tool;
  • 2 ways of accessing the logs;
  • data protection.
  • can be easily detected by the computer user as it a hardware keylogger;
  • to check new logs, you need to access the device as it doesn’t offer remote control.

#3 KeyCarbon Raptor Keylogger

  • invisibility;
  • software-free;
  • compatibility.
  • recording keystrokes on USB and PS/2 keyboards on a desktop PC requires an adaptor.



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