Top 23 Keyloggers for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, Android & Hardware Keyloggers in 2021

What Is a Keylogger?

A keylogger is a kind of software that records all keys pressed by a computer or smartphone user. Keyloggers can record or log any kind of pressed keys, including credentials, passwords, financial data, messages from social apps, search queries from web browsers. Keylogging software can run silently on the target device and record all key events without letting a user know. Even modern antiviruses can’t detect keyloggers ’cause they run in secret and are well hidden on target devices.

Best Keylogging Software for Android

#1 EvaSpy

  • the abundance of features;
  • online access to the recorded data from any device;
  • recording of social activities and chats.

#2 mSpy for Android

  • powerful keylogger;
  • 24/7 support;
  • quick installation.

#3 SpyEra Keylogger for Android

This keylogger will meet your needs if you want to learn your kid’s email password or check what the user types in the most popular web browsers. All keystrokes including passwords are monitored in email, Google account, Facebook, Skype, Line, Viber, and WhatsApp. Besides, the app records all search history and visited websites on the target Android device. You can keep SpyEra (affiliate link) visible to the user or hide it by enabling invisible mode. The app is frequently updated by its developers so it seems that it is reliable and worth trying out.

  • records all pressed keys, even passwords;
  • hidden mode.
  • a free keylogger is available for Premium Plus+ plan subscribers.

#4 Free Android Keylogger by Hoverwatch

Again a keylogger suitable for parents worried about their kids’ online safety. The app and website have a very cute design and user-friendly interface. Hoverwatch keylogger not only records keystrokes but also spies on camera, calls, Viber, text messages, Facebook, multimedia files, and activities in many other apps. What I like about this keylogger is the ability to add all kids’ devices to one account and track them all from one place.

  • monitoring on social apps;
  • call tracking.

Best Keyloggers for Windows

#1 Spyrix Free Keylogger

This keylogger is the best tool when it comes to features and pricing. For no charge, this free keylogging software provides you with powerful recording and monitoring functions and you don’t need to pay for any of them. Here’s what Spyrix Free Keylogger offers: showing you all keys pressed by the tracked person, monitoring all running applications, screenshot capturing at a set time period as well as letting you know when the target device is used and by whom.

  • free access to all features;
  • keylogging feature (on Windows, it records all keystrokes, including passwords);
  • easy to install and use;
  • extra features like app monitoring, screen capturing, and removable drives & printer tracking.

#2 Actual Keylogger

Actual Keylogger will be also a perfect solution for you if you’re tired of googling how to record keystrokes on Windows and macOS. Speaking of the Windows keylogger, it records all pressed keys and passwords, content copied to your clipboard, running applications, print activities, visited websites and URLs, and disk changes. Besides, Actual Keylogger captures computer screen at a set time period and offers 2 modes — visible and hidden. So this keylogging software runs silently and computer users don’t guess that they are being monitored.

  • password-protected interface;
  • hidden mode and invisibility;
  • website monitoring;
  • simple configuration;
  • free trial.

#3 Best Free Keylogger for Windows

This tool is more than a usual keylogger. In addition to keylogging, this software records clipboard events, captures screenshots, monitors visited websites, and used applications. The keylogger is free of charge and is invisible to computer users. Internet activity is recorded in detail with visited URLs, user names, timestamps, and browsers. Best Free Keylogger can send you reports in HTML files so you won’t need to install any additional software to view them. The app can spy on all users of the PC or just one particular user and you can also schedule monitoring with a smart timer.

  • HTML reports;
  • password protection;
  • remote settings;
  • blacklist of websites.
  • the free app doesn’t offer premium tech support.

#4 Refog Keylogger for Windows

Refog Keylogger has been around for a long time and has already gained customer trust all over the world. It lets users spy on typed text, chat & instant messenger activity as well as track visited websites. Further, the app offers an online dashboard that can be used to get access to all recorded logs. This keylogger is designed for parental control so you can easily hide it from your beloved ones and monitor them silently without letting them know. Refog Keylogger is easy to install and is available both for Windows and macOS users.

  • records chat and IM activity;
  • online access to collected data;
  • hidden mode;
  • compatibility.
  • rather expensive.

Best Keyloggers for macOS

#1 Spyrix Keylogger for Mac

  • social app monitoring & blocking;
  • compatibility with all latest mac versions;
  • online access to the data;
  • a free trial;
  • money-back guarantee.

#2 Elite Keylogger for mac

Elite Keylogger is sure one of the best monitoring solutions for macOS devices. The keylogger is undetectable and records everything a Mac user types on the target device. The free version can even spy on chats like Messages, Skype, email, and more, letting you know what the computer user is up to. All visited websites are also tracked and recorded by this app so you’ll know it for sure what kind of content your children access on the Net. Additionally, Elite Keylogger captures screenshots enabling you to check any kind of user activity from afar. Clipboard events are also recorded by Elite keylogger to inform you of what kind of content the user copies and pastes. All activity reports with recorded data are sent to you via email so you don’t need physical access to mac after installation. The app also offers a PRO version which has more advanced tracking features.

  • records chats for free;
  • invisible to the user;
  • screenshot capturing;
  • free of charge.
  • pricing for PRO versions is complicating.

#3 Aobo Mac Keylogger

  • chat and email tracking;
  • invisibility;
  • password-protected;
  • email and FTP log delivery.

#4 Perfect Keylogger for Mac Lite

  • records visited websites;
  • easy to use;
  • monitors IMs and chats.
  • URLs are recorded only from Safari.

Top Keyloggers for Linux

#1 Kickidler Keylogger for Linux

  • IMS and social apps tracking;
  • helpful add-ons for businesses;
  • free keylogging feature.

#2 Zlogger Keylogger for Linux

A simple keylogger for Linux and Windows with all major features. The software captures keystrokes and sends them to you via email. Zlogger starts recording as soon as the users turn on the monitored devices. The app doesn’t require any admin or root privileges. It will be perfect for parental control purposes and other simple recording needs. However, at first sight, the installation seems to require some technical skills.

  • starts at system startup;
  • records all keystrokes.

#3 LogKeys Keylogger for Linux

This is one more keylogging solution for Linux. The app has no extra features but it’s extremely useful when it comes to recording keystrokes on Linux. It’s compatible with serial and USB keyboards and is aware of Alt and Shift. However, the installation process is more complex than in previous solutions.

  • compatibility;
  • simple uninstallation.

Best Keyloggers for Chrome OS/ Chromebook

#1 InterGuard Chromebook Activity Monitoring

It’s rather difficult to find a good monitoring solution for Chromebooks. Luckily, InterGuard has released a good app supported on Chrome OS and now we’ll take a look at its feature. The app is built for businesses and schools and records website and activities and captures screenshots at a set time period. Further, you can set alerts on unwanted words. For instance, if a person uses the word “smoke” in a chat, you’ll be immediately notified.

  • screenshot capture;
  • alert settings;
  • offers an online test drive
  • compatibility.

#2 WebWatcher Chromebook Monitoring

WebWatcher is also a good monitoring solution when it comes to spying on Chrome OS devices. The app is easy to install, installation takes up to 5 minutes. With this software, you’ll see website history with time & date stamps and search queries. Frankly speaking, monitoring Internet usage is really useful when you want to keep an eye on your kid’s online activities or check what your employees are doing when you’re absent. The app captures screenshots and sends you alerts if it notices suspicious activities or unwanted keywords.

  • tracking web searches and history;
  • screenshot capturing;
  • compatible with all Chromebooks.

#3 Google Family Link

  • helps you manage kids’ free time;
  • sets time limits;
  • provided by a well-known company.
  • doesn’t give you total control over the device.

Best Keyloggers for iOS

#1 Spyic Keylogger for iPhone

  • no jailbreak required;
  • friendly UI;
  • many monitoring features.

#2 iKeyMonitor Keylogger for iPhone

  • social activity monitoring;
  • keylogging in most popular apps;
  • jailbreak and no-jailbreak versions;
  • online demo.

#3 Spyzie Keylogger for iPhone and iPad

No doubt that this comprehensive tool must be mentioned on the list of best keyloggers for iOS. What makes it so special? To begin with, it’s no need to jailbreak your device or install any app to start monitoring. At the same time, Spyzie offers all features of its competitors like GPS tracking, spying on social apps, app tracking, and blocking, multimedia viewing, etc. And what is more important, you don’t need physical access to install the app on an iPhone or iPad — you can simply fill in iCloud credentials from your device and start remote monitoring with ease.

  • many monitoring features;
  • physical access to the device isn’t required.

Hardware Keyloggers

#1 AirDrive Forensic Keylogger

  • tiny tool 10 mm long;
  • compatible with all USB keyboards;
  • offers 16mb internal flash memory;
  • works as a WiFi device.
  • as it’s a hardware keylogger, it can be detected by a user.

#2 Keystroke logger PS/2 16 MB

This keylogger is also a hardware solution to monitor all keystrokes from the target device. This tool is suitable for PS/2 keyboards. It has a built-in memory of 2000 text pages and offers 2 ways of data transfer. You can access the recorded keystrokes by using the keylogger as a usual USB card or simply connect it to the PS/2 port. The tool is also invisible to all antivirus software and it doesn’t leave any signs of its activity in the operating system. All recorded data is protected by 128-bit data encryption. The tool has a menu in 4 languages and is compatible with an international layout.

  • tiny tool;
  • 2 ways of accessing the logs;
  • data protection.
  • to check new logs, you need to access the device as it doesn’t offer remote control.

#3 KeyCarbon Raptor Keylogger

KeyCarbon Raptor can record keystrokes from desktop and laptop. The keylogger is software-free, meaning that you don’t need to install any program on your device to start monitoring. It’s invisible to antivirus software and operating systems including Linux, Windows, Solaris, and DOS, and can be installed when the device is turned off.

  • software-free;
  • compatibility.

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