Hiya is a call blocking app for iPhone that can help you get rid of annoying spam. It has more than 200,000 reviews on the AppStore and a 4-star rating, which proves its popularity and reliability. In this article, I’m going to share my experience of using Hiya.

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It’s worth noting that the iPhone doesn’t come with an automatic call blocking or identification feature. All iOS users can do is add an annoying phone number to a blacklist. But this doesn’t protect you from spammers and telemarketers who use multiple phone numbers to bombard their victims with annoying calls. If…

In the modern world, it’s vitally important to have a capable audio recorder close to hand. Having a voice recorder installed on your smartphone can help you capture business meetings, interviews, lecturers and save your own spontaneous genius ideas. Whatever your needs are, bad sound quality can easily ruin your efforts. Thus, it’s essential to find a reliable voice recorder solution.

In-Built iPhone Recorder

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No doubt that iPhone is one of the most powerful and useful devices out there. It has many helpful features that let us keep more productive while we perform our business and daily tasks. However, there’s one major issue that all iPhone users face in the modern world — this is the lack of an excellent in-built call blocker.

The recent researches made by the Federal Trade Commission and other reliable institutions show how extensive phone spam is worldwide and how much damage and frustration this issue is causing. For instance, 44% of Americans received spam calls related to COVID-19…

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Though there’s a default call blocker app on iOS, iPhone users are still flooded with robocalls and spam. Luckily, some third-party apps may help you get rid of annoying scam callers. In this guide. we’ll find out what are the best call blocking apps for iPhone and what additional features they provide.

What features do iPhone call blockers offer?

Other than blocking irritating calls, third-party blocking apps offer some additional helpful features. Firstly, most apps provide a database of suspicious numbers so every user can simply enter a suspicious number in the app and find out if it’s a scam. Secondly, iPhone call blockers allow their users…

Why Is IT Security Software Important?

Taking IT and data security seriously is vitally important, especially for business. If an organization’s network is breached or corporate data gets leaked, the damage may be catastrophic and cause overwhelming recovery costs. In some cases, recovery is not possible at all. The convincing reasons to use IT security software at your company include:

  • shielding your company from online threats and cyberattacks;
  • protection from insider data leakage;
  • preventing employees’ unlawful actions;
  • making your customers feel safe and secure;
  • data loss prevention.

Let’s look through the best Windows apps for the IT security department in 2021. The apps below are divided…

You’ll agree that making notes during an interview, a business call, and a meeting takes too much time and distracts you from the main ideas of the conversation. Besides, sometimes a good idea comes to your mind but you have no pencil and paper on hand and can easily forget your thought. Luckily, the modern world allows us to record our conversations, and what’s more important, to convert them to text. This saves us much time and energy and helps us stay productive. …

Everybody knows how important computer monitoring may be. Depending on your monitoring needs, special computer tracking programs can help you keep an eye on any kind of user activity, network performance, the usage of removable drives, and installed applications. Further, monitoring programs let you control CPU temperature and prolong the performance of your machines. Sometimes, computer tracking software is essential to prevent corporate data leakage. Whatever your tracking needs are, you’ll find a solution that will suit you on this list.

Best User Activity Monitoring Software for Windows/Mac

#1 Spyrix

Installing reliable software on school computers can help you make the learning process more interesting and engaging, the school data secure, and school management much easier. Let’s look through the list of Windows apps for school computers that will be handy for principles, IT specialists, teachers, parents, and students.

Best Windows Apps for School Management

#1 PraxiSchool

PraxiScool is a new take on school management. It’s a complete solution for managing grades, attendance, student ID cards, accounting, records, daycare, lunch, and time clock. The application is fully comprehensive and covers all areas of school management, including accounting, office administration, and the classroom. …

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In August 2019, a 15-year-old girl in California was arrested by police after she posted a threat on Snapchat saying she was going to commit a mass shooting at school. The post contained a photo of a gun and the message, “Don’t come to school tomorrow.” Informed of the post by the FBI, police tracked the girl’s GPS location and caught her. Police found a BB gun at the teen’s home, but no other guns were found. The unnamed girl had a bright future, but unfortunately, she has potentially ruined her life, police said.

A year later, 2 teens from…

When kids threaten to blow up their school that keeps being a source of conflicts, can we help such teenagers by simply trying to keep them safe? Below, you’ll find out why we keep hearing about new school shootings every month.

#1 Modern school fails to resolve conflicts

When you hear about a new school shooting, a similar attack will likely happen soon after the incident. Obviously, kids learn that they “can also do such things” not only from the TV news. …

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